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I have the following setup and I'm looking to improve it as best as possible:


Drive 1 = 1 x 250 GB internal HD mainly for Logic Pro projects and nothing else (Mac OS Extended Journaled, 1 x GUID partition, 72.43 GB used, 177.29 GB free)


Drive 2 = 1 x 500 GB external firewire HD for storing iTunes library, Aperture library, iMovie library, audio sample library, pictures, movies, documents (Mac OS Extended Journaled, 1 x GUID partition, 250.95 GB used, 248.82 GB free)


Drive 3 = 1 x 500 GB external firewire HD for backup (Mac OS Extended Journaled, 2 x GUID partition)


Partition 1 used as a bootable clone of drive 1, 71.24 GB used, 36.13 GB free (100 GB volume)

Partition 2 used for Time Machine backup of drive 1, 390.53 GB used, 1.73 GB free (400 GB volume)



I setup this system around 3 years ago and it has worked fine for me but now that my time machine backup drive is full I am considering modifying it to be more efficient.


I main thing I want to do is separate the clone and time machine backups because in theory this isn't really the safest setup as both backups are on one disc! (A doh! moment now but didn't think about it at the time...)


Also, I don't have a backup of my media (drive 2) which is kind of vulnerable too!


Is it possible to setup something better using the hardware that I currently have and not delete anything? I'm looking over this thinking that it can't be done without the use of another drive which I'm not really wanting to add...


My initial plan was to move the clone to drive 2 which would give me seperate backups of drive 1 but in doing this I still wouldn't have a backup of the media content on disc 2 and I read on the apple site that If I were to change the size of the volume on the current disc 2 to allow another partition, it would erase all the data as it has been formatted as a bootable disc.


Any advice or suggestions?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 20", 2.4GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, 2008