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I want to buy an ipad2 for my father who's lives outside the US. I would like to set  up his email accounts and anything else I can do myself for hip before I ship it over.


I have  an ITunes account but he does not. I believe I need to connect to iTunes to setup the iPad however I'm concerned that his iPad will be connected to my iTunes account. I intend to get him some help in setting up his own iTunes account later (when he receives this) so he can sync etc on his own. Is there any way for me to set up the machine for him here and then let him run with it going forward?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Setting up iPad without iTunes acco
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    I think you can make him an iTunes account on your computer, use it to set up the iPad, then help him get itunes and that account on his own computer so he can sync.


    I'm not sure about the paying and credit card part of it. When I se up my itunes account i could use an iTunes gift card and not a credit card. I wonder if you can do the same? Or, if it insists upon a credit card, use yours long enough to set it up, get a $10 iTunes card and take your CC off and put that gift card on in its place. ( I've never had to do that so I'm not quite sure about how it'd work)

    The other bug in this, either you make him a new e-mail (like a yahoo or gmail or something) account so he doesn't get e-mails about a gift he doesn't know he's getting, or you spill the beans early. You can always make him a disposable account for the setup and then make changing that info be part of the whole 'in person' set up.

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    Thank you. That was most helpful. I will have someone setup an itunes account on his PC. Using the User ID and other necessary info from him, I will configure his email accounts and maybe load a useful app or two so he can begin using it straight out of the box.