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iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Is your iPad plugged into the wall charger? USB ports do not carry enough wattage to carge an iPad more than a trickle. They are only for syncing. iPhones/ iPods have smaller batteries that need less power to charge.

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    Plug it into the USB and it'll say it's not charging, but it will. Just much more slowly. Most usb's put out 5W or less of power, the iPad wants 10W, and says 'not charging' anytime it gets less than 10W.

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    The ipad will only display "not charging" when plugged via usb and the screen is on. It will actually very slowly charge when the screen is off.


    If you use either the 10W ipad or 5W iphone wall chargers, the ipad will charge even if you're actively using it.

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    Yes but nothing happens, I need to wait for my iPad dies to charge it, but it appears a messages NOT CHARGING.

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    If it says 'not charging' when plugged into the wall with the iPad charger, then your ipad may have issues. Try resetting it, holding the home and sleep key, past when you see the red power off and until you see the silver apple.

    If you reset it, plug it into the wall with its charger and you still get 'not charging' then it may be time to take it to the local Apple store and have them check it out.