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I restored my iPhone and now I need to get my camera roll back from iCloud..please tell me how to do that..Thank you

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    If you use iCloud Photo Stream, the last 30 days or 1000 pictures should be on your PC, Mac, or whatever device you were using Photo Stream to sync with.  Otherwise the camera roll is part of your backup, either iCloud or iTunes backup depending on which you use.  You must restore the entire backup.


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    Well,Thanks for the reply..I dont want to restore my backup as some say it will bring the battery problem back again.So is there any way I can get only my Camera roll and nothing else?

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    I tried photo stream..Album appears but no photos in it.Please help

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    I have the same problem. I restored from an iCloud backup after erasing all content. Everything's back to normal. Except for the Camera Roll. It remains empty. It only downloaded the last 15 pictures from my Photostream. For a few minutes my photos app showed "Downloading 0 from 1327 photos". After a while that was gone as well.


    I'm sure my restored iCloud backup should still contain these pictures as it states that the backup size is 4,5 GB. My camera roll was about 3,2 GB so that makes sense.


    Anyone got an idea on how to sort of restart the process that will download the photos from iCloud? I'm trying to figure this out for more than a week now and it's really starting to **** me off. Two and a half years of pictures are gone!


    Any help?



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    I tried photo stream..But it wont stream the photos from the back up..It didnt on my device..

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    Sasikashakila1992 wrote:


    So is there any way I can get only my Camera roll and nothing else?

    No. Restoring a backup whether from your computor or iCloud is all or nothing.  There's no way to selectively restore one part of a backup.


    With photos, you can also sync and import them to an app on your couputer, outside of the backjup.  There's no way to do this on iCloud other than Photostream, which has to be set up BEFORE taking the pictures.

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    That's true. You can only restore complete backups.


    I got my pictures back, the ugly way though. What I did:


    - made an iCloud backup of my phone (only 2GB instead of the earlier 4GB, because the camera roll was empty)

    - restored my last iTunes backup, this was a month old. It was made right before i upgraded to iOS5.

    - My pictures were back on my iPhone so i downloaded them to my PC.

    - Then I restored the iCloud backup from my phone. The one I made before I restored the iTunes backup.


    The pictures where gone again, but at least I had them on my PC.


    I don't trust iCloud backups anymore. The backup itself holds all your settings and remembers which apps and data you had installed. But it went wrong when it had to redownload the pictures from the cloud. It was a hard lesson learned. From now on I'll backup my pictures once in a while. I was used to what Apple promises: that everything "just works". No, it doesn't.

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    Hey I'm also experiencing the same problem.


    After updating to iOS 5.0.1, I have a little problems with my network on the phone. So I was told to backup everything and reset everything and restore back my last backup. Okay so I back up using iCloud, and when I restore everything back .EVERYTHING was there, except for my 700 photos from camera roll.


    So, being paranoid and concern, I reset everything again without backing up, and used my last back up to restore everything again. My pictures are still not there.. Where on earth did they go?! I need them back!

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    I have the same issue. The pictures were downloading into my camera roll and then they jus disappeared. I want them back what can I do ? The back up still states for e.g "178 MB" next to the camera roll however I still dont have my photos in the phone. Is there a way to get them back? Secondly I did not turn the Photo stream on when I had setup icloud since it already showed my camera roll was backed up :/


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    exactely the same problem....  except some applications disappear during the dowloading of my backup.

    i'm upset to have lost almost a year of pictures.

    has anyone tried to use iOS6 to download an icloud backup ?  maybe, there will be a chance to get pictures back...

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    did anyone get this issue sorted? I am having the exact same issue. backed up to new iphone from icloud and everything was restored except my camera roll. It says it is downloading 1 of 6000 photos but it has been saying that for 2 days. Also when i backed up it loaded and then deleted most of my apps. I went to the apple store and they were useless - they told me this backup would work no problem! When I sync with itunes it says i have 11gb of photos on the phone but they are not there. HELP!!

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    This iCloudis pathetic, didn't restore any of my camera rolls or applications just my contacts.


    Going to stick with PC backups from now on!