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I have a brand new installation of Windows 7 in a VM. I've passed the iPhone 4s to the VM and Windows 7 shows that it's installing the driver. I keep getting the yellow exclamation mark next to Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. I've followed the support site on here about reinstalling everything, rebooting iPhone, computer, Windows 7, etc, everything. I'm out of ideas. Tomorrow's the last day before I can return my iPhone 4s and make the switch to Android. iTunes is the worse thing I've ever installed. Love the phone though, sigh.


Any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    What VM software are you using?




    Usually means you have to reinstall few itunes software, such as apple mobile device support. I agree iTunes definitely is not designed to work properly on windows, but I think they rather make sure it works better on MAC, from a capitalist point of view.

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    Agreed. I'm using VirtualBox. I think it may be something VirtualBox related at this point. I don't believe apple would make it this ridiculous to go through. Being that I'm going to be using linux from now on, I'm having second thoughts. Siri's nice, but ehh...

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    Ahh virtual box, yes if you are on MAC, virtual box never did support USB connections perfectly well. Problem with USB devices often fixed by going to preferences in Virtual box and designating a USB device before you start the VM. Host OS basically tries to use the device at the same time the VM does, so you go designate a USB device to a USB port, so that clashes are minimized.


    This often happens with apple products on MAC OSx with Virtual box. I think they still havent found a way to make USB external HDs to work for the same reason. Unless you are using Linux. If you are using MAC I would stick with itunes on that. Works so much more fluently compared to windows you wouldnt believe it.

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    Gotcha! I'm actually on Ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit). So I go into the VM Settings and just add a USB Filter, which will be the iPhone? I've added the iPhone filter and attached it (from the bottom) again but still yellow exclamation mark. How exactly do I go about fixing it from here?

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    Hmm. Im not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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    You are not doing anything wrong, you have already done what you need to do, add a usb filter.


    I am assuming you also already tried to reinstall iTunes and every little software that comes with it.. If that is the case then its simply because like the hard drive example I have given, Virtual box does not support this USB connection. I know its painful, but its the reason why I ended up having Linux, MAC OSx and Windows 7 64 all on my mac instead of using virtual box. Unfortunately VBox is free and that means its not as supportive as Parallel and etc.


    However I know one thing that may work.. Installing a MAC OSx VM..

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    Haha, yeah. I had VMware installed but it's too big and there's no way to bring out the console view itself, without everything attached. Doesn't work like it does on vSphere. I'm extremely hesitant about going back to Windows now that I've adjusted myself into Linux and gotten everything set up and flying back & forth with speed. I guess it's now time to move over to VMware.