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Hi guys, this thing is driving me nuts!


I am trying to understand what is the normal or accettable amount of that "other"memory that we can see in iPhone details when we plug it into iTunes.


My iPhone 4s 64GB with 10 apps, 1500 songs (most of them with albumart), 2000 pictures shows 0,60 gb.

My wifeìs iphone 4s 16GB, with 15 apps, 1000 songs (most without albumart), 600 pictures shows 0,32 gb


Whato is your amount of other memory and what is more or less the content of your iphones?


I am askin this becaure reading here and there is seems that there are strange behaviours with "other", and i'd like to understand if my iphone is ok or what.


After a reset from my last backup the amunt is the same.


Thank you to everyone would hep me understand and live happy



iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.2)