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Just concerned with iTunes constantly wanting to update

this 1rst gen not knowing if it' the right thing to do.



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    Just came across this posting -

    No gestures for iPad 1 in iOS 5? Apple, are you kidding us?!

    Well, there's one reason I guess.

    It really pays to come here first

    before making obviously wrong moves

    where Apple should make iTunes update prompts more specific

    to devices made for it.


    At least this is how it handles updates for my old PowerBook at 10.4.

    Granted he's just in the background as emergency backup.


    So it's safe to say,

    DO NOT update 1rst gen iPads to OS5.

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    What are you referring to specifically? And why such a huge font?


    If you're referring to the iPad 1 not having the multitasking gestures in iOS 5, then update to iOS5.0.1 as they have been enabled in the latest update.

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    People have stated in forums, they will not read a font too small.

    I don't blame them, but I'll comply.

    The site made the option available, larger is easier from any distance,

    vs smaller and face on the screen to read it.


    As right now, this size is impossible to read 18" from screen w/o readers.

    ....90% of the day, I'm 6 feet from the 23" screen using trackpad & matching keyboard.


    Some are 50 something, vs 25 and under.

    It would be interesting to see age profile here, any Apple Store, 90% are under 19.


    Machinist/Aircraft by trade 40 yrs, very fine details are key, and keeps the ships bringing you back,

    vs falling out of the sky, but sure enough the fine detail goes away & very difficult w/o reader options.

    Lucky You for now.

    *     *     *

    Back To The Topic-

    iTunes while iPad 1rst Gen is attached says one thing only.

    Upgrade to version 5.0.

    There's no warning/option to go by to know otherwise that 5.0.1 exists.

    I read the post stated above, 5.0.1 wasn't noted or missed. Only a common feature removed.


    If aware of issues, a link upfront to deal with ahead of time simply makes the process much easier,


    read what is currently going on by the frustrated few.


    I had a moment to post a concern. I want the best outcome.

    Post is to gather Pro/Con, nothing more. 1rst Gen is clearly topic specific.


    I do feel sorry for those using a PC.

    The very nice new Toshiba laptop 3 months old was gladly given away.



    It's too easy to do something wrong and then come here with crisis. Glad this never happens.

    I'm quite happy with the way it functions now, and not knowing is fearful.

    Nothing's fool-proof.

    There is option to resore, but this is somewhat decieving to expect a problem.


    I'm not being payed to experiment then solve. Some of us are not qualified to go into the cockpit.

    Or I'd live here having 50,000 posts.


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    You can adjust your viewing preferences to your taste in your web browser or in Mac OS (see here). Most people don't sit 6 feet away from their screen and therefore need huge fonts like you do. You'll notice that the vast majority of posts made here are at the default font size, despite everyone having the ability to change it if they wish.


    There was no "common feature" removed from iOS5. Multitasking gestures never existed before, (except for developers testing the beta software that wasn't publicly released). Multi-tasking gestures were enabled for iPad 2 in iOS 5 and have been enabled for iPad 1 in iOS 5.0.1.


    I'm afraid I really don't know what the rest of your post is about...