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    Who the **** died and made you king? I too happen to be looking for an iBook app for my 11 inch MacBook Air, which in case you don't know everything, happens not to be much bigger than an iPad.


    So obviously, without any additional information (since you know everything), I am an idiot because I happen to want to be able to read books on my Macbook. (Yes, I have an iPad; but maybe not everyone is able to afford both like you, Wise Jack.)


    These chat rooms are NOT for people like you to belittle others. They are to HELP others. If you know nothing, Jack, say nothing. To paraphrase Lincoln, keep quiet and don't confirm the fact that, based on your boorish gibberish, unlike me, you are not smart enough to be an idiot.


    You don't know jack, Jack.

  • PopTartS2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Most likely that guy was a troll. I used the ibooks feedback to write something and told them that I'll happily use Kindle until they give us what we want.

  • gadgetgurl42 Level 2 Level 2 (175 points)

    You can't read Apple's modified ePub file type, .ibooks, on anything other than an iPad / iPad Mini via the iBooks app. Even though your iPhone may have the iBooks app, that can only open standard ePub files (i.e. the ones with the page curl effect, not the interactive iBooks file type).

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    In our house we have 2 MacBooks, one MacBook Air, one iMac desktop, 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 ipod shuffles, 1 iTouch and 2 Android phones - (not wanting to switch to a crummy wireless server just for the iPhone back when, we 2 learned to looove the Android and wouldn't switch even once it came available) - So... I use the Kindle for Mac app for all my devices and it is ez-pz. If iBooks came available for the MacBook, I wouldn't really care.

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    Yes indeed - gratuitously patronising and insulting.

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    This is a typical response from an Apple big-it.  its a simple question, can I read books purchased from Itunes on my Mac.  The answer is No.  There's no need for the long winded explanation why this is not a good idea.  If thats what the customer wants to do then they should be able to do it.

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    It is incredible how self centered you are. Just because you as brilliant as you might be :p. can't see the  eed downs t me another's don't have a legitimate one. I have a very nice iBook on iCloud. I need to give advise to ysiister. Y email. Should I juggle myiPad while working o. My iMac 27  or would 'title nice to screen share aniBok reader and the. Desktop Mail client with a REAL keyboard and. I. Juggling. Think a kit it. There maybe other ways todo this but that. One appeals tome I not reading the book asin a few hours but looking up details I need *agter* I've read the book on my iPad. The right tool for the right time.


    I don't assume your dumb but you act like you thinktherest of us are. That is not only patronizing but arrogant.

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    Interesting.  WWDC 2013 announced iBooks for Mac OS X (on the announced Mavericks version).  While I do nearly all my eBook reading on either my iPad, iPhone or on a Kindle.  Why Kindle?.  iPhone is tiring when I read a lot because the screen is small.  The iPad is a bit heavy after a while and the Kindle is light and reasonable screen size.  Now that it has a lighted screen without the weight of an iPad, it is my favorite for reading Novels.  I do most of my technical reading on the iPad for its size.  iPhone is good in that it is always with me.  I'm glad I have been able to have all three.  For several years I 'survived' with the iPhone and was pretty happy with it. 

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    Any guess when iBooks for Mac will be released, even in Beta?  I'm danger close to just buying myself an iPad Mini to solve this problem.  I do love my Kindle, but I don't like the Kindle Fire.  There are travel books, graphic novels, etc. that really benefit from a color screen such as the MacBook or iPad uses.


    So, which will get here first?  OSX with iBooks?  Or a new version of the iPad Mini?

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (75,945 points)

    kmtoner wrote:


    Any guess when iBooks for Mac will be released, even in Beta? 


    When OS X 10.9 is released, sometime this fall.

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    I'm not in the Mac dev bunch but isn't this already a thing for Mavericks?

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (75,945 points)

    f1recloud wrote:


    I'm not in the Mac dev bunch but isn't this already a thing for Mavericks?


    You don't have to be in the Mac dev bunch, just read what Apple puts on their site for 10.9 = Mavericks:


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    I am very excited for the upcoming Mavericks operating system to include iBooks!  That is probably the most exciting part of the new operating system for me.  I cannot wait for that feature.  It will be much easier to read my approx 90 books I have on my iPhone.  I'd never understood why they hadn't included it thus far.

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    I teach children who are failing readers, and help them succeed at it. I teach online, so I have to I use books on my computer. Sorry if this upsets you. iPad cannot help me with this, if I could afford one.


    Your bitterness is a bit overboard. Sorry.

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    Wait for OS X Mavericks to release in Sept. It will be coming with an iBooks App.