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I have been unable to sync my iPad with iTunes (Mac) for the last few months now because iTunes wants to override my selection of apps with a default set of only the factory selected ones. I do not want to lose my data or the apps I've purchased directly on my iPad in the last few months (which iTunes seems to indicate I would have to purchase again). All other apps are available in my library and I've been syncing with my iPhone during this time without problem.


I feel like I should be able to find the iPad configurations on my computer where my iPad app selection is kept, delete them, and then allow it to be replaced when I next sync my iPad. Deleting the backup file doesn't do the trick.


Any suggestions?


MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.7

iPad 2 Wi-Fi with 4.3.1

iTunes 10.2.2

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.1
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    Have you transferred purchases from the iPad to iTunes?


    Connect the iPad to the Mac, launch iTunes, right click on the iPad name on the left sidebar under devices and select Transfer Purchases. That will put all of your iPad apps into iTunes. This may make a difference in the message that you are getting about having to purchase the apps.

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    I have NOW. Thanks, I didn't know about that. Thanks, Demo. Feel like I'm already half way to the solution.

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    Once you have transferred the purchases, you should be able to select the configuration that you want on the iPad and when you sync, iTunes should remember that configuration of apps the next time.


    One other thing that you may want to do - totally up to you - turn off auto sync. Launch iTunes on the Mac and from the menu at the top go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. Check the box at the bottom - prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically. Then quit iTunes.


    I have always operated this way. If you do this - you can go into all of the tabs within iTunes, make your selections, check it all over and then sync when you are satisfied that everything is in order.

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    Yeah, that's the way it SHOULD work. Instead, as soon as I plug it in (and I will consider turning off Auto-sync, thanks), it's as if I went to the Apps configuration tab and deleted all but the default apps, even though there are hundreds of apps all setup and in folders, etc., on my iPad. Sure, it remembers this configuration which I never did nor wanted, but not the way I have it set up on my iPad.


    This might offer a clue... the capacity bar shows that I'm using only a few gigs of apps (as though I've already applied this new bare-bones configuration), and if I hit REVERT, it shows the proper capacity usage (only a few gigs free) but maintains the default configuration of only a few apps ready to override my stuff (instead of reverting to the app configuration I've set up on my iPad).

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    Now that the apps have been transferred, you may still have to manually select each app to sync. When you are in the apps tab of iTunes, select each app - put a check mark in the boxes next to the apps in the list - then you will have to click on apply in the lower right corner of iTunes.


    It really is a very good idea to sync with iTunes on a regular basis. Especially since you are still using iOS 4.3.1. IMO - it is a good idea even if you sync with iCloud - which I realize that you are not doing.

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    Thanks, yeah, I know how to select the apps I want to sync (I've had an iPhone 3G for years), and before this issue I was backing up and syncing regularly.


    So let's say I spend a few hours with my iPad plugged in and set up the apps tab in iTunes to look exactly as it does on my iPad presently... it's not going to do fresh installs of all those apps and/or delete my data? I ask because I really don't trust iTunes at times like this. Every other time I sync my iPhone (4), for example, it wants to take 6+ hours to reinstall every app (rather than just update what needs to be updated; stopping the sync and restarting it usually makes it run right), and I have had all my apps/folder configurations overwritten multiple times before (and the last time I had to recreate all my home screens TWICE before it "stuck..." this was a few iTunes versions ago on the iPhone).


    There's really no file(s) that I can delete so the app home screens will default to what's currently on the iPad?

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    I wish I could guarantee that it will all work out the way that you want it work out, but I have seen some weird things occur from time to time.


    For instance, I have seen a number of users talk about folder explosion when syncing with iTunes or when updating their iDevices. That is not supposed to happen - you screens and folders should be maintained - but it doesn't always happen that way. I have never experienced the folder destruction or screen destruction myself, but it can occur.


    Im sure that you are familiar with the backup process so I would suggest a manual backup of the iPad before you complete that sync. When you backup your iDevice, all of your app data is in that backup - as well as your contacts, calendar items, bookmarks, notes, emails, text messages, app settings, device settings and so on.


    The best way to ensure that the process will go as you desire is to transfer purchases, backup and then sync. I have always synced my iPad and iPod Touch on a regular basis and I have never had a problem with a sync "gone bad".

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    I appreciate all your advice, Demo.


    I'll wait a bit, see if someone chimes in with a hidden preference file, and then probably go for it.


    Thanks again.