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As is well documented in these support pages, the best way to make iCloud sync your iWork apps across all devices and iCloud.com is to ensure you have set the "Documents and Data" setting to "OFF" (this is in Settings>iCloud); then ensure that the relevant app is set to "Use iCloud" (this is in Settings>APP).


As soon as I updated to iOS 5.0.1, ALL my documents in the apps disappeared but they can still be seen at iCloud.com; after further experimentation I can now report that if I leave my settings on my devices alone, then any document I bring into the app will still sync to the other devices. For example, if I bring a Pages document into my Pages app on my iPhone, then my IPad receives the same (edited) document a few seconds later.


The problem appears to be with iCloud.com as any files I drag into the iWork section of the site refuse to:


a) sync with the iOS devices and

b) download back to my mac


It seems that Apple MAY have ironed out a few bugs within the iOS but still have a lot of work to do with iCloud.com


In summary, I have found that after, "upgrading" to iOS 5.0.1, there is no need to change any settings on the devices. You need to work around the iCloud.com issue. To protect your files, keep copies of them on your MacBook/PC before transferring them to your iOS devices. I am transferring files using the File Sharing section of iTunes and I am using Dropbox too. The latter means I can be sure I have copies I can access anytime.


Having to find a workaround is not what I expect from Apple; you are letting your loyal fans down and I can only say I am for the first time ever, very, very disappointed in you



iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Interesting theory but it doesn't work that way for me using iPad 2 and iOS 5.0.1.


    With iCloud setting for Documents & Data off, all of my previously available iWork documents are gone. Creating a new one on the iPhone 4 does not result in its arrival on iPad 2.  I agree with the frustration over "workarounds" and add my voice to the appeal to Apple to resolve this soon. But I'm going back to Documents & Data On in my iOS 5.0.1 iCloud device settings.



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    Thanks for that Mike


    I am using iPad 1 and original iPhone 4, both with 5.0.1 and it does seem crazy that iPad 2 users may have to leave Documents and Data set to ON whilst the rest of us have to turn ot OFF



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    Indeed!  Nonetheless, when I turned Documents & Data back on, within 30 seconds all 14 of my iCloud docs (Pages) reappeared on my iPad 2.



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    Well, that's how it should be.


    Can you use iCloud.com successfully too? That is, can you drag files in to the iWork section? And can you then download the file back to your computer?



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    All works fine between iOS devices. However not so with iWork on Mac (OS 10.7.2).  For example, I just sent a Numbers document to iWork.com, using the Share icon at top of Numbers window. Successfully uploaded. Can see it online at iWork (using Safari).  However no evidence of it in Numbers on my iPad 2 (iOS 5.0.1).


    Then I use iCloud to manually upload the document to iCloud (Numbers), and when I identify the document to upload it says that it already exists and do I want to replace it - however it is not visibile in the iCloud (Numbers) window. So I elect to replace it. All acts as if it is being replaced. Then, still no document in that window - and still no Numbers document in my iPad Numbers documents. 


    Therefore it is my conclusion that Apple has not resolved the integration of iCloud and iWork.  But it is interesting that iCloud thinks it already has the iWork document.

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    Correction to previous. There was a delay.


    The item uploaded to iCloud (from iCloud webpage in Safari) did eventually arrive on iCloud and almost immediately afterwards on my iPad 2. Repeated this twice more, without any delays.


    Thus, there is integration but it must be manually requested - nothing automatic so far.


    And no obvious connection between iOS devices and iWork.


    So, to get documents created on iMac to iOS devices, one must upload them to iCloud from iCloud webpage in Safari.  Does anyone have any alternative to that at this time?

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    So, to get documents created on iMac to iOS devices, one must upload them to iCloud from iCloud webpage in Safari. 

    Yes surely. How else should they go into the icloud ? Iwork for OSX has zero icloud integration as by now everybody should know. Microsoft Office or any other app being able to produce doc/xls/ppt also lacks icloud features. So there is no upload from OSX or its apps itself , regardless of what app you use to create iwork compatible documents. You might even use Openoffice and smash the files onto Safari. They will be as good as any other iwork-readable data.


    Does anyone have any alternative to that at this time?


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    I had a problem with my documents  disappearing  from my ipad and iPhone, still being in iCloud but not being able to get at them after iOS 5.0.1. I seem to have had a conflict with my MobileMe account and the email address I set up in iCloud. I deleted the mobile me account and all the iCloud documents came back in iwork. I have since put MobileMe email back on and everything is working fine. Docs on in iCloud and iWork apps. I hope this makes sense.

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    Today I asked for and recieved a refund for the iOS versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers because they did not work as advertised.  Would really like to use these but it is just not worth the hassel so I'm using QuickOffice pro on my iPhone, NeoOffice on my Macs and DropBox to sync them. 



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    Would love to demand a refund but unfortunately I use them too much.


    Having spent the morning working on my iPad on a numbers doc I knew there would be some sort of hassle getting it on to the mac but this time it's even worse!


    First tried to email it to myself..... never arrived.


    Next tried to download via iCloud - version was incorrect.


    Tried the solution above to force a sync - all my documents appeared when I turned sharing back on the iPad..... except the one I need which now shows as "Updating" in both iCloud and on the IPad and right now is unusable.


    Besides wasting a load of time it gives me no confidence at all that my work is safely backed up which was surely the whole point?!


    I find it incredible just how bad iCloud is when there are plenty of good examples that Apple could base this on. Having paid for Numbers on both the mac and the iPad I think its reasonable to expect this to work? Or will I have to pay out for new versions of the OS/App/Software just to get this basic functionality?!

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    i was just now shocked to find iWorks didnt automatically sync with the iCloud, its the single most valuable feature of the iWorks iOS apps....


    ive just asked for a refund!


    what an oversight...

    and what a disapointment...