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I cannot access my sparse bundle file.  When I try to open it I get an error message "resource temporarily unavailable".  I found an old discussion with this fix:


I just fixed my sparse bundle. As you may know, sparse bundles are folders containing in their roots 3 files to store configuration and a folder for data. I just created another sparse bundle on my remote disk using the following settings in Disk Utility:
- Volume name: "Same name of my old sparse bundle"
- Volume size: 100 MB
- Volume Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
- Encryption: none
- Partitions: Hard disk
- Image Format: sparse bundle disk image


I backed up the 3 configuration files of my Time Machine (Info.bckup, Info.plist and token). Then, I replaced the 3 files of my Time Machine sparse bundle by the 3 files just created in my new sparse bundle. To be honest, I don't own a Time Capsule. I have a NAS that I can access from my PC using Windows XP. Ironically, Windows helped me to solve my problem. So I don't know If you can access a Time Capsule from Windows but if you are able to mount your Air Disk, you should be able to do the same.



Here are my issues with this:


1.  How do you "backup" the three files in question?

2.  When I try to copy and paste them I cannot do it with "Token" because Mac says I do not have access

3.  How can you create a new file in the same location with the same name?





Airport/Time Machine, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    For anyone having the "Resource Temporarily Unavailable" error message, this occurs when a user opens the file and then is disconnected improperly.


    If you do get "Resource Temporarily Unavailable" error message and you are using a time capsule, you can not plug the backup drive into your machine and run a 'repair'.


    Don't worry though...




    To fix "Resource Temporarily Unavailable" error message:


    1. Open Airport Utility

    2. Double click on your time capsule in the left hand list (or click on your TC and click 'manual setup')

    3. Choose Disks from the icons at the top (blue square with white wifi symbol)

    4. Click on 'Disconnect All Users...'

    5. ...

    6. What? That's it!


    If your problem was the same as CHASNDAV4 and MINE then you will have fixed your sparse bundle in about 2mins flat.


    Any questions contact me from my website www.fixitrepairs.co.uk

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    Thank you, this was so helpful!!

    I was able to access the sparsebundle and run disk utility. My iMac crashed and I was not able to migrate the back up from the time capsule. First spent hours with tech support, than searched for solutions on various forums, your tip was what I needed.

    Ran disk repair multiple times and after days I was able migrate. Lesson learned, not to rely on one back up. Better to have an extra external hard drive for important data. 

    Thank you again!!

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    I tried the solution.  However, the option to disconnect all users is not available for me.  I imagine that is because I am not using an official time capsule.  I have an older airport base station that supposed USB printers and hard drives, but is not the bundled time capsule.  My hard drive is attached via USB.  Thoughts?

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    disconnect all users was removed from v6 utility for reasons Apple doesn't deem necessary to reveal to the unwashed. Use v5 utility.. you can download it directly for Lion and with some manipulation load it in ML.. there are a number of methods.. here is one I use..


    But you can read others and the issue here. C12 http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html


    How to load 5.6 into ML.


    1. Download 5.6 for Lion.


    Click to open the dmg but do not attempt to install the pkg.. it won't work anyway.



    2. Download and install unpkg.




    Run unpkg on the desktop.. it is very simple.. drag the AirPortUtility56.pkg file over to unpkg.. and it will create a new directory of the same name on the desktop.. drill down.. applications utilities .. there lo and behold is Airport utility 5.6 .. drag it to your main utilities directory or just run it from current location.



    You cannot uninstall 6.1 so don't try.. and you cannot or should not run them both at the same time.. so just ignore the toyland version.. the plastic hammer.. and start using 5.6.. a real tool.


    For screen shots see this post.


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    You are a champ.  I spent all afternoon trying to resolve the problem with the sparsebundle backups being "temporarily unavailable", with no obvious fix in Mountain Lion.  Very odd, that such a simple fix should be removed from the current, um toy, Airport Utility.

    But I am puzzled about what caused the problem initially.   I had complete access to my backups and then I didn't. Something that I did unwittingly.  Among the complications, at some point I had connected my Time Capsule via an ethernet cable, so the problem with the wifi connection and Airport was not at all obvious.  It did appeared to me that my machine thought that the sparsebundle file was in use by another user or process ... perhaps I failed to eject properly ... I really don't know. Perhaps it is the system log, but that is all geek to me.  In any case, the "disconnect all users" fix was not at all obvious, and, to my dismay, when I saw this post about fix using Airport Utility, I found that the 6.1 version was useless.

    Loosing access to backups is scary; ironically, I was trying to backup the backup with an new disk drive when the problem developed and an awful lot of angst.

    The whole Mac world is watching.

    Thanks!  -Jan

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      It did appeared to me that my machine thought that the sparsebundle file was in use by another user or process ... perhaps I failed to eject properly ... I really don't know.

    It is awful common problem across Mountain Lion.. and was made much worse although it existed in Lion.. ie ML instead of fixing it.. exacerbated it.


    TM at the end of every backup must eject the disk. I have no idea why.. but it isn't something you did.. it is something TM failed to do.. and it could be due to other network issues.


    My take at the moment. Use external drives for TM .. no network adds up to much better reliability.

    Or use a different backup software.. that can talk to network drives of any sort. CCC, SuperDuper etc. Until Apple decide that TM is actually now pretty much like bug zoo, and its reliability is not at all up there.. use something else.