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    I've been following this thread for some time now and I have followed all the actions taken by other users and I'm sorry to report that I still have the problem!  What makes my problem even worse is when I enter in my password, it asks again and again...never ending!  If I should hit "Cancel", then iTunes crashes and reopens again. I will sometimes get stuck in a loop of crashes and re-openings!  Apple certainly must know what's going on as a report is sent to Apple each time it crashes.  Still looking for "the cure"!

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    An update is available taking Safari to 5.1.4.


    Owing to what I believe to be a very clear correlation between Safari cookies and the iTunes password issue, I thought there might be a slim chance that the update might contain a resolve.


    It didn't.


    The problem persists.


    I have advised Apple by yet again appending my original ADC Bug Report.


    Perhaps others can verify my findings?



    rfa5: What you describe sounds more serious than most. Your profile says you're running a G4 on Tiger so I'm wondering if there is a compatibility issue? Tiger is before my time I'm afraid so other users will need to step in here. If you were on 10.6 or 10.7 then the following would undoubtedly apply, but I just don't know if this applies to Tiger. Might be worth a look, just in case:


    Ordinarily, I would suggest removing all website data via Safari Preferences as per my previous post, and closing Safari completely. Then I would trash Cookies.binarycookies in 'YourComputer/Library/Cookies'. Open iTunes to see if that has at least got you down to just one or two password requests, rather than the viscious loop and/or crashes you're experiencing. If this hasn't helped then it might be worth closing iTunes completely then trashing com.Apple.iTunes.plist in 'YourComputer/Library/Preferences. NB. this will mean that you will have to set your preferences again when you reopen iTunes; but you WILL NOT lose your media etc!).

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    Sorry Livebox, my bad for not updating my profile!  I'm running an iMac with the latest OS. 

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    Ha Ha, no apologies needed rfa5, I thought that might be the case so I tried to be diplomatic in my message!


    Hope it helps.

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    I'm affraid to post too soon after trying something new out of fear that this problem hasn't shown it's ugly head yet!  Like typical Windows users I decided to try reloading the OS on my Mac.  I reloaded Lion on my iMac and my problem has not appeared now for two days.  I don't know if that is what solved my problem over here or not but so far everything is working fine.  In the past I tried to repair permissions etc to no avail, nothing worked.  Knocking on my wooden head I'm hoping that finally the problem is gone.  Hoping for the best and will keep everyone updated as to what happens here. I'm just hoping it's not a lull in the action!

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    The fix for my situation was spotting in my account in iTunes that I had the computer selected for automatic iCloud download ( which given it was the only device registered made no sense).

    Turning this off stopped the constant repeated password prompts. Obviously this breaks iCloud syncing for apps & songs if you are using it.

    However, in my case I wasn't even aware it had become activated for my machine, so this might be causing it some people out there

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    Well, since neither iTunes' feedback support link nor RADAR bug reports seem to have persuaded Apple that this is an issue worth addressing, I tried a different tack and went through the iTunes Store support channel.


    ...and although their response was prompt, they could only suggest basic troubleshooting techniques and weren't really of much any help either.


    I suppose that leaves feedback to "" and a CC to "" as the last resort.


    It's comical in a way that a cursory search through these forums still reveals new complaints about this issue, and how none of the remedies ever work.


    There is no voodoo involved.


    What is clear is that the engineers' decision to have iTunes share and have cookies affected by Safari was a poor one, and iTunes' refusal to respect its own preferences is a definite failure.


    For all users who have never enabled Automatic Downloads, Genius, Ping, iCloud, or any other iTMS or cloud feature, this has been a persistent frustration, and it is unacceptable for a company like Apple, which prides itself on user experience and attention to detail, to allow this to occur.

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    It worked like a charm...thanks!  I have windows 7 64 bit.

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    Thanks bono.  It worked like a charm.  I have windows 7 64 bit.

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    Apple ][ Forever wrote:


    There is no voodoo involved.


    What is clear is that the engineers' decision to have iTunes share and have cookies affected by Safari was a poor one, and iTunes' refusal to respect its own preferences is a definite failure.


    ...or perhaps, Apple ][ Forever, it was a very clever one, by design!


    Not wishing to add to the multitude of conspiracy theories our trusting species humours, puzzles and terrifies us with, but maybe our beloved Apple find great benefit and joy in slipping a teensy, little jammy dodger into Safari while we're entertaining our ears and eyes elsewhere.


    Let's face it, it's not really the kind of thing that most users are ever going to spot, question, or indeed worry about!


    So here I am, responsibly flushing all those cookies, and databases, and local storage items, and caches out of Safari whilst preciously guarding my cookie just so I don't have to sign in to iTunes a thousand times a day!


    Perhaps I have unwittingly become part of Apple's fiendish plan?

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    I am the original poster of this password entering irritation. And that's what it is, having to enter your password twice is nothing compared to what I have been experiencing today.


    iTunes launches on it's own. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, composting an email or reading an article on Safari. iTunes will suddenly start bouncing and I have to either click on "Cancel" or enter my password twice before I can "Quit iTunes". And I am not a big iTunes user. It's an app that I might open twice a month.


    After unchecking almost everything in iTunes Preferences it's still happening. And here I thought that entering passwords twice was bad. This is more than an irritation.

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    iTunes is continually  asking me for my password. Take into consideration that there is absolutely nothing in my download queue.  iTunes support staff (via email) wrote that the fix is to reset my password.  I did this by going to


    I'll reply later to let everyone on here know if this fixed my problem. Will do so by end of day today. FYI.

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    I was instructed to do that as well, via chat tech support, but it didn't fix my issue. From what I have gathered from this thread, it's the fact that resetting iTunes (cookies) also wipes out the data itunes uses to keep you logged in (or something like that).

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    i've been through this issue countless times with iTunes.. thought i'd solved it but today once again.. i'm being asked repeatedly to sign in for automatic downloads i dont want (or have).


    It's very disappointed that no one from Apple has offered to explain and offer a proper solution here given the size of the thread.


    Step up, please, Apple Support.

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    Here is the answer why it keeps happening. It is a combination of things. Evidently if your machine's privacy setting is set Send diagnostic & usage data to Apple, and you are telling Safari to Deny without prompting...under the Privacy tab you will experience this problem. Here is how to fix it:


    • From the Safari menu, choose Preferences...
    • From the Privacy menu, choose either Promp for each website one time only, or Prompt for each website once a day.
    • If you select either of the other two selections the frequency at which you are prompted to enter a password will be reduced.


    However if you completely disable the location services for the entire machine you will never have this problem again. To do this you must do this:


    • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences…
    • From the View menu, choose Security & Privacy
    • Click the Privacy tab.
    • If the icon in the lower-left corner is locked, click it to authenticate with your admin password (to unlock the Security & Privacy pane).
    • Deselect the "Enable Location Services" checkbox.


    I hope this helps you.