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Just started using Itunes match, does anyone know how to get the purchased playlist to stream to all iod devices, i tried to create a smart playlist but got an error message saying smart playlists sourced to a playlist will not be uploaded to the cloud. I listen to most of my music off of my purchased playlist seems silly we cannot have that stream. Another option would be to manually make a playlist but then id have to keep dragging the new music to it to be uploaded to icloud...


Please help!





itunes match, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I am having the same issue and I was able to create a smart playlist but I have to think there has to be an easier way around this. I can not imagine that you just do not have access to that playlist anymore. I use the purchased playlist a lot to easily get to content I have recently purchased.


    I have a thread going myself on it but I have yet to hear from anyone either. I am going to do some reading online and see if anyone has found a fix for this. I will let you know if I find anything.

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    Thanks, i also add new music that i have burned to that playlist which makes it harder to mimic... What were the qualifiers for your smart playlist? Purchased after date?

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    Looked about like this.

    Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 8.50.21 PM.png

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    Thank you. Finally, it's now working for me. I tried it before and created a smart list on my iMac.


    Match all of the following rules:

    Purchased is true

    Media Kinde is Music.

    Limit to 100 items

    Live updating.


    On my iMac it worked fine. The smart list showed my last purchased songs, but on my iPhone it was a completely different list with more than 2000 song!! I dont know whats happening, but with the rules you described above its working. Now I got the last 112 purchased songs on the iPhone smart list.


    But there should be a better way to get your purchased songs together in one playlist on the iphone. It should be done automatically as before. Since I activated iTunes Match the playlist purchased with iphone disappeared. Any idea how to get it back?

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    Bizarre. I can't believe that by purchasing iTunes Match I lose the Purchased playlist on my iPad and iPhone. Like the rest of you, that is where I found my most often played music (the stuff I just downloaded!). I'm almost considering dumping Match just for this reason. Yes, I realize I can create a smart playlist, but tinkering with the parameters for 10 minutes still hasn't resulted in the same list of songs...

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    I just noticed that despite limiting the playlist to 25 songs, over 70 are available on my iPhone! Why does the iPhone not recognize the song limit within the smart playlist?

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    something needs to be done about this!

    even when i create a smart playlist following the above rules it deletes from iPhone after a few days, if not a few hours.

    why hasnt apple made the Purchased playlist work properly, considering the mojority of users always play recently purchased music.

    come on apple...

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    Thats a good question! I dont know. I have manually created a smart playlist of my last purchased songs, the newest one is on the bottom of that list. How can I change the order?. I would prefer to have the newest songs on top.

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    Sadly, appropriate playlist behaviour is a recognised weak spot for iTunes Match - you are not alone.  There are, as yet, no really neat answers to regain the playlist behaviour sought.


    If the frustration is too high, you may wish to consider not using iTunes Match for the iDevice in question.

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    I agree, the purchased playlist is the only one I use. I like the idea of iTunes match, but without the purchased playlist i got rid of it on my ipad - also, when I turn iTunes match on i get about 12 genius playlists that I don't want.


    To make things worse I couldn't just turn itunes match off in system prefs to get rid of all the annoying  genius playlists, I had to do a complete erase and install on my ipad, very dissapointed....

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    This is how I got mine to work, especially with the overhaul on the new iTunes Match.


    Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 2.00.48 AM.png


    Hope This helps.


    - David