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How does one drag a song from one album and drop it into another album?


Many of the mp3 files that I use are ones that I create myself for my students. It would be great if I could drag them into the correct album without having to type in the information (very tedious).


I am new to Mac from Windows and I can't discern how to accomplish re-assigning albums in the manner that I was able to previously using Windows Media Player.


Any suggestions or perhaps different workflow suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I don't know of any way to do it other than to change the tag data by hand.  It's a bit of an unusual thing to want to do since usually a track is in an  album or not.  If you find yourself doing this a lot you might want to consider making a few playlist albums where you can sort them by play order and not have to change any data.  Don't overdo it in terms of number of playlists.

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    I'm a high school music teacher and a lot of the tracks are student-created (or instructor-created). It has always been easier for me to leave the mp3 tag "unknown" and then drag them to the appropriate album in Windows Media Player.


    I actually took something from your reply that I think will work well. By adding newly created files to a playlist, I could select them and then edit the tag data every few days by selecting all of the items in the playlist (I think that will work!).