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  • richsadams Level 1 (80 points)

    I posted this on another thread about issues with iTunes Match, but thought it might be worth posting here as well in case someone stumbles across it.


    I updated to iTunes 10.6 today and it seems to have "cleaned up" a number of issues I had with iTunes Match.


    iTunes 10.6.jpg


    I've updated my iPad 1 and my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1 and my Apple TV to 5.0 as well.  I've been using iTunes Match on all of them and everything seems to be working smoothly now.


    Although I haven't fully put it through its paces the Music App on my iPad and iPhone seems snappier too.  The one glitch that I did see was that two playlists were duplicated on my iPad for some reason.  The normal playlist appeared with the duplicate next to it, the only difference being a "1" next to the duplicate's name..."Classic Rock 1".  I touched and held the duplicate playlist unitl the delete "X" appeared, deleted it and everything seems to be good.


    Fingers crossed!

  • MattCooperPZ Level 1 (0 points)

    I fixed the problem by shutting the feature OFF. I love my Apple products, but this is a disaster. I barely had enough time to go to the menu and shut off iTunes match before it froze again. Yes, I have updated the software. Yes, I have deleted all the songs with errors (all 11 of them). I/We shouldn't have to jump through hoops for a paid feature to WORK. We shouldn't have to read posts and delete this, alter that, copy this. Ridiculous.

  • lstroud Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this happen on a friends computer and just about pulled my hair out.  I found something that fixed the problem, but it was strange. 


    On their wireless router (that is also their gateway to the internet), I was able to throttle the maximum bandwidth available to each connected device (Buffalo router comes with with ww-drt).  Once I throttled the connection back to 3Mb/s, iTunes match was able to complete processing their 3500 songs. 


    I ran a number of tests (though I didn't pull out wireshark ).  Every time I removed the cap and the bandwidth usage spiked above 4.3 Mb/s (their connection was a 5Mb/s up from comcast), step 3 would 'crash' and it would restart the process. It didn't matter which song it was (i deleted a number of them to make sure there was no pattern in encoding, length, bitrate, etc). I charted the bandwidth and it was very consistent in it's failure whenever a bandwidth spike happened.  It almost always occurred in the first five songs it was uploading.  So, I am guessing that iTunes tries to upload in parallel which, depending on how they overlap, can max out the available bandwidth.  The only workable theory I could decern was that either:

    • the router was flaking out above a certain bit rate (i didn't see similar problems uploading large files to drop box)
    • or, that the carrier was "controlling" transmission bandwidth to certain sources
    • or, that Apple's servers were dropping packets when clients exceeded a certain threshhold,
    • and that iTunes does not handle bandwidth issues very well (would prefer it pull back and go slower instead of restarting and never progressing).


    I know most home routers are not capable of bandwidth throttling, but this is what worked for me.

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