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    I concure. I have not had any problems with Itunes Match what spo ever but, that's not sayhing that there are people out there that have it. People who are having problems, I hope things get sorted out for you. Ity's eith the user or a thrid party issue, or maybe even both or mayby not fully understainfing how Itines Match works. I am still learning things even now with iTuines 11 but in all honesty, I don't have any complaints. I uploaded all my Blind Guardian CDs last night, everything match beautiful.About 75% of my music matched with 25 % uploaded at abouyt 4,000 songs and all artowrk is there. I am using Windows 7 however with my ATV not and with an Iphone or Ipad. YET.


    Hope everyone gets their issues resolved. Itunes Match is really a great service,

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    NewDestiny, I am happy that you are not having problems, and believe me, I wish that were the case for so many of us. But I have a completely fresh install of Mountain Lion, new user account, new iTunes preferences... on TWO computers, and both are having the same issues. I've tried every solution that worked for others (deleting all the iTunes pref files, etc.). I'm also having the same problems on a third computer that is running 10.7. Since the only thing that is consistent between all the computers are the media files themselves, this leads me to believe that it has more to do with the actual media files that iTM is trying to sync, and I'm wondering if maybe it's a timeout issue on step 2 or 3 of the process.


    This IS clearly a bug, considering how many people are having the same problem for over a year now, and any software developer would agree. For comparison sake, consider what a huge deal the infamous "antenna" issue was when the iPhone 4 was introduced, and that only caused problems with a small minority of users, yet Apple took that very seriously. When we pay money for something that doesn't work, we have every right to demand this it be fixed or refund our money.


    My theory seems to be consistent with what rbigness said too... since the Apple rep had you changing all your files to AAC format!? Since clearly they know what the problem is, why isn't an Apple rep replying to all these posts to tell everyone what the solution is?!

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    It has to be something with this what ever mountalion software is. I have no problems with windows 7 what so ever. This is probably one of the reaons why I will never buy a mac computer but, I have no issues with other mac products. I love my atv. Once again, sorry to hear about eveyrone issues with itunes match but it sounds like it's issues with people using a mac. All I can say, is, make sure your libraryy is backed up on an extarnal harddrive. I don't have anything under the actual main drive at all, that way ITM cannot delete that library.ITM will only delete what is in your itunes media library after you upload your stuff if you tell it to. When I rip a. CD I always make sure I rip to the main drive, then copy it over to the external then I upload the main drive. That way, you will not only have a back up in the cloud but, also on your external hard drive. You can also play tracks in itunes from your external hard drive now, were as before you could not, thank you to the cloud. I have now throughly confused everyone. .

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    hoeveler wrote:


    Since the only thing that is consistent between all the computers are the media files themselves, this leads me to believe that it has more to do with the actual media files that iTM is trying to sync


    Absolutely. If you haven't tried this already, try matching your songs in batches. Select a bunch of songs that haven't matched yet  (it helps to have the "iCloud status" column turned on - the ones you want have a status of "waiting", and to sort by that column). Right-click on the selected songs, and choose "Add to iCloud".


    Eventually you'll hit a batch where you get the error again, you can then cut that batch in half and keep reducing it until you find the specific file that is causing the problem.


    I ran into this problem years ago, with the "" services (it was the predecessor to iTunes Match, Apple bought the company) - I eventually narrowed it down to a file that I had recorded myself, using Audio Hijack Pro (if you've got any files from odd sources like that, it might help to focus on those first). And other people have had similar experiences with iTunes Match - see (it's interesting to note that the problem may be with the song comments or metadata instead of the song itself).

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    I absolutely love getting an update (new messages) regarding this thread on almost a daily basis. It only proves the point that there IS a problem, and Apple won't own up to it - at least publicly. I tried iTM several months after it launched and had nothing but problems - most of which have been described over and over again ad infinitum in this thread. The good news for me is that I WAS able to get a full refund. A refund from Apple? If that doesn't admit an issue, I don't know what does.


    Anway, keep posting everyone, as the squeaky wheel (eventually) gets the oil. (see Antennagate / iOS 6 maps)


    How much credibility would they get if they would just admit that this is one buggy piece of software with tons of issues?

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    I'm official throwing in the towel. Every time I think it's working well, it will stop working again. Many times I'm going out for a jog and I'll want to quickly throw some new songs on and it just wont finshing adding them, it might get half way then get stuck. I'm going 100% over to spotify and am abandoning iTunes. I gave this many, many chances. I wish Apple would just buy Spottify or Mog and roll that into iTunes or make thier own version, that's the way music is going, I much prefer their model than iTunes. Apple is gonna be left behind if they don't get behind it too. They can offer a hybrid model of subscriptions, as well as using your own music in the cloud if it doesn't exist, as well as being able to buy the songs if you don't want a subscription or want to cancel the subscription.

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    I agree! I just wish Spotify wouldn't require you to be on facebook. It actually re-opened my cancelled facebook account a couple years ago when I signed in to Spotify, not quite realizing what it was doing. Do you know if you still have to be on Facebook to use it?


    (I can't stand Facebook... )

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    Well, I have not had a problems with itunes Match in general at all. But after this thread, I am going to stop using it. I am just going to leave it off and play everything from the cloud and not through Itunes Match. I bought Itunes match too back up the stuff I have or have ripped. But as the thread got more disgruntled, I was getting digruntled with all of the negative feedback and asked myself why I spent $25.00 when I didn't need to after having my external hard drive anyway.  I tried to stay positive.  And I hope Itunes Match really does improve in some way or another for all of us.


    It will be interesting to see how the Ipad sncs with my library by not tunring on Itunes Match.

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    GlennW1971 wrote:


    I bought Itunes match to back up the stuff I have or have ripped.


    But it's not a backup service, and Apple doesn't advertise it as a backup service. Trying to use it as a backup would be bound to end in disaster, even if it was working 100% as advertised.


    Make sure you turn off the "auto-renew" option in the iTunes Store, in your account settings. If you don't do that, you'll keep paying for it.


    If you want cloud-based backup, use something like

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    It's all good and done, and I relized I was using Itunes Match for the wrong purpose but fortunatly for me, I was able to conatct apple and they have / are refunding my money. I am going to use Itunes and all my devices the way  was I was before purchaing Itunes match. I'm lucky I got a refund.



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    I am having the same issue with iTunes Match as many others; it continuously cycles through the steps and never finishes. I have had Match for almost a year now and it worked great for the first 9 months or so.


    I have tried many of the suggested fixes to no avail. I called Apple and, for free support, they pointed me to a web page for troubleshooting, which did not solve the issue.


    I just received my notification of Match auto-renewal from Apple. What I found amusing is at the bottom of the e-mail it lists Apple's address in Cupertino...


    1 Infinite Loop.


    No kidding, Apple!

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    Ive only had it since Hallloween, I was lucky enough to be able to try it and got a confirmation email today saying they hav refunded my money. It's not something I really don't need anyway, since I never listen to music from the cloud. I hope it only improves. I didn't want the headaches when I get my Ipad.


    But.....I do love the new Itunes.

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    Does everyone realize that some amount of "looping" is normal?


    Whenever you add new music, iTunes Match re-runs to sync that music to the cloud. It may also happen to sync playlists, changes to song information, play counts, etc.


    What's strange is that it shows the big, giant iTunes Match welcome screen as if you're doing it for the first time, when it really ought to just do it more quietly, the way genius does.  If it only shows for a couple of minutes and then says "done", that's normal. You can ignore it - just go to a different part of iTunes, or if it really bothers you that the screen is there go ahead and click the "done" button (just don't expect it to go away for very long).


    But if you see that screen with a progess bar churning for hours, that's definitely a problem.

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    The problem I'm currently having with iTunes Match is that it is skipping over songs on my ios6 device. Lets say I pick a 10 track album ( downloaded or not) and it may play the first or second song, skip the rest and then play the tenth song. If I select some 6 it may or may not play, but it skips 7,8,9 and then plays 10. I'm unable to play my music and its no fun to listen to an album when you really only have access to an eps worth. Apple please help and fix this!  It just started happening with the new ITunes upgrade.

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