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Photo Stream is not cutting it!


My photos are still dependant upon me syncing my iOS devices to my Mac with iTunes. Photos are the last link it has with my Mac. That is, if I want to have my thoroughly organized iPhoto library in my iOS devices. I can't organize my Events, Faces and Places in iOS. I still have to tether it to my Mac.


Photo Scream solves how my pictures show up in the Mac, wirelessly. Great! Working beautifully but after its in my Mac and I've sorted the ones I want, tagged the faces of my family and friends, and grouped the events, I still have to open iTunes and sync it to get that reflected on my iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). It's maddening!


Not to mention that now there are duplicates everywhere!! There are exact equal photos in the Camera Roll, Photo Scream and then the organized post-iTunes synced photo library... I can have up to three copies of the same photo in my iPhone.


iPhoto needs to be moved to the new digital hub, iCloud. The Mac is still its hub and master for now.


I have sent this feedback to the proper channel.

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    iPhoto needs to be moved to the new digital hub, iCloud.


    I couldn't agree less. Currently, the vast majority of the planet are nowhere near broadband of any quality sufficient to make that anything other than torture - and that includes vast areas of the U.S and Europe. Couple that with privacy and security issues and you've got a proposition that needs to be considered very carefully.