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    Figure I might as well make an update: My system crashed for unrelated issues yesterday, and ended up with a fresh copy of Win 7 enterprise when it was all over. I pulled my iTunes library from my backups, and I managed to get all my music and video back without the bugs, so for what it's worth nothing in the music folder seems to be causing it. My best guess would be to back up the library, scrub everything Apple related (with an uninstaller program that finds leftover files and references too), then re-install them all.

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    Interesting. Unfortunately, I tried this already and the prompting returned. This happens on all three of my computers. All three are windows 7 (two are 64 bit and 1 32 bit).

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    Well fretdevil that comment was inconsiderate of you! The iTune login concern is very real and frustrating with no immediate resolution.

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    You were right. Imported my backups to Enterprise, everything worked fine for two weeks till my HDD burned out (user error. Dropped a blanket on when I was in a rush and thought it was off, so I didn't bother moving it till later. It was actually hung on a "are you sure you want to exit w/o saving" screen and the HDD cooked, but I digress). Got a new one under warranty, put Win 7 Pro x64 back on, reloaded my library again, and within about a month the issue came back. Exact same quirks; always prompts when I launch iTunes, must be told to go away exactly twice. Seems even a clean install of the OS only buys time. I'm out of ideas at this point. Not importing the library is not an option (>20 Gb, lots of playlists and organization), and that's the only constant.

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    I just had to wade through an enormous number of suggestions, and my username/password didn't change before the issue, but this: (jkrisp21's suggestion) seems to work. Only time will tell whether it's a permanent fix or just buying more time.

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    Well I am unable to take credit for this suggestion... I read it somewhere in Apple's Support Community and unable to recall whose answer it was.....but it worked beautifully.

    -Anyway- This issue of iTunes constanly asking for one's user ID and Password was resolved by just signing out of iTunes which is located at the top of the right side of the page.  How I got signed in before I signed in beats me. So I signed out and then signed back in and presto "all's well again" I never noticed before that iTunes logged in somehow but there it was. And that's the simple answer to resolve this concern.

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    It is an ecommerce security issue for iTunes Store to re-enable purchasing automatically, anybody could use the store as you any time your User was logged in. While this could still happen if you leave your computer unlocked while you are absent in a given session, it should/must not go on across them!!


    This popup was added as a convenience to save you typing only, since iTunes closure logs you out (Apple's Store Server itself must do so). But, should a download have not completed and system or app been shutdown it simplifies any resumption of downloads, by remembering the last-used Apple User ID for you.


    If a user doesn't logout, this convenience feature becomes an irritant if you don't know or haven't noticed that the store has been abandoned in this state...


    Officially "Logging Out" of the iTunes Store removes that last-used Apple ID, eliminating the download-resumption-password prompts. Click your username in the upper right corner of the Store window and choose Sign Out button in the login dialog there.


    Changing any other "Store settings" about "downloads" in iTunes Preferences is irrelevant, this is all just about not fully logging out an iTunes User to begin with.

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    First, this problem appears to have been fixed with one of the recent iTunes updates... probably about 3-4 months ago.


    Second, the original problem was not about "officially ogging out" -- that was irrelevant. It was occurring no matter whether you logged out or not. Let's not get into blaming the users.


    But anyway, it appears to be fixed now.

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    iTunes former behavior was to only ask for the password when making purchases. This issue was that it simply using iTunes created a password prompt.


    Also, the prompt would reject your first attempt and prompt again, regardless if you answered wrong or right.


    If officially logging out stopped it, this wouldn't have become a support issue. The scenario you're describing assumes everything is functioning as intended, which my install was obviously not.


    And as BigGreyGolem said, they patched it in an update a few months ago. There's a reason this thread has been dead since May.

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    I'm not sure if someone covered this yet but....


    All I did was go into the Preferences and turn OFF the feature that tells iTunes to automatically check for updates and it solved my problem.  Makes sense since any download (as far as I know) requires a password.  I suspect that now it will just notify me that an update is available when that's the case.

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    The most current iTunes (11.0.3) always asks for password every time I want to download a new app (although it's free). It didn't happen before, when the app is free.


    Also, like @jlake3 mentioned above, the prompt would reject my first attempt and prompt again, regardless if I answered wrong or right.


    Does anyone know the workaround?


    I have to quit iTunes and open it again each time I want to download an app :/

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    I hate to bump an old thread but thank you avnyc11, ive been trying to figure out this problem for the past few hours and you just solved my issue!  BIG THANKS!

    avnyc11 wrote:


    someone suggested this:


    start iTunes by right-click, and "Run as administrator", then enter your password when it asks, close iTunes, start it again (normally, as usual, this time), and you should not be prompted. (win 7, 64 bit)


    but it did not work for me, but maybe others will have some luck, although I accidentally opened iTunes normally the first time, and then closed it before reopening it as administrator. Maybe that was why. It did however only prompt me once, and not twice when it was opened as administrator, so maybe this has something to do with iTunes not have the right permissions or something like that.  I am going to try this again tonight.

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    I know it's been a while that this discussion has been up, but I tried the "Run as administrator" solution on Windows and it worked perfectly! I was getting asked to input my password two or even three times whenever I opened it. I went through the process as described and tried reopening iTunes various times. Happy to report that no more password requests are coming through now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    Run as admin, enter password worked for me. Rather annoying really. I also cleared the iTunes cache beforehand, so perhaps that helps as well.

    Windows 7, iTunes 11.1

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    I'm running iTunes on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 and I was being asked to sign in 3 times in a row!  I have 2 devices associated with my Apple ID:  my iPhone and my iMac.


    I viewed my Account info and noticed that there were 6 downloads awaiting.  I clicked on the download button and only one app was downloaded, but the download button disappeared along with the count of downloads awaiting.


    I then clicked on the Reset button to reset notifications and downloads and, finally, signed out.


    I re-started iTunes and apparently my problem has been fixed because I'm no longer requested to sign in automatically.

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