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After iTunes matched my library, it found 60 items that were "Not Eligible". Most were music videos but some were not.  If I turn iTunes Match on for my iPhone or iPad, it says the library will be removed and replaced with my iTunes Match library in iCloud. Once I do that, how do I get back access to the "not eligible" songs (i.e. sound, NOT video) that used to sit on my device? Is Apple actually saying that there is media out there that can be synced directly from the Mac to the iPhone that cannot be synced indirectly through iCloud?

iMac i7, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    That is an excellent question.  As is now, iTunes Match has imprisoned music on my laptop because IT cannot find a match.

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    I have the same question. I have a few Audio Files that are 64 kbps but I don't see a way to get them on my phone.

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    I'm also in this boat.  


    I have thousands of old-time radio shows.  They ALL fall below the minimum bitrate for iTunes Match (for a 1940s mono broadcast you only need 32 or 64 bit, typically).


    If this doesn't get resolved soon, I'll need to turn off match.

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    Convert them to minimum 128kps AACs (advanced menu / create AAC version).  Then they'll sync over.


    Although this doesn't help me with my protected AACs bought from the UK, not US store...

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    I hate to say it, but I was totally sold on the idea of iTunes Match, and now am completely turned off.  I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday with tech support trying to figure this issue out.  I have about 30 gig of music on my Mac and a 16 gig iPhone.  I want to sych about 5 gig of music through the cable using the playlist I have set up on my computer and manage there, I slide songs in and out of it depending on what I want for the day.  This has worked fine for me, the benefit of iTunes match to me was that if I was out on the road and wanted a certain song, then I could download it on the go.  To my surprise after I turned on iTunes Match, the ability to synch a playlist is gone.  I played around with it and couldn't figure it out.  I stopped at the Apple Store and they told me I should be able to and that something must be out of whack.  Last night I spent three hours on the phone with tech support and the first two people said the same thing and kept trying to walk me through the process to synch a playlist yet I kept telling them the option is not there.  Finally I got an "iTunes Match" expert on the phone who in a very straightforward answer told me that the way the system in working is exactly as intended.  I said "hold on, so any music I hove that doesn't match to the iCloud will be pulled off my phone?  Like the CD my sister made with her kids singing Christmas songs?"  He just said "That's right".  I'm still shocked this is how they intend to have the software work.  I tried late last night to turn off iTunes match, make a playlist and synch it to my phone, then turn back on iTunes Match.  My playlist included every AC/DC album, every Beatles album, and my sister's CD.  When I turned back on iTunes Match, now I have all the AC/DC song files on my phone and all the Beatles albums except two of the disks (they are labeled as "Excluded" in iTunes now, yet I bought the CD and burned it myself, this is not a hokey stolen off the internet file) and get this, my sister's CD is there.  It clearly seems to me that Apple has not thought this one through and they have tech advisers who don't even understand the product.  This seems so simple to me, let me load whatever music I want onto my phone during the cable connected synch and then let me pull additional files as I want while on the road.  Have you heard about the guy who has had his whole library load from the cloud through his cellular service, he is goona love his bill when he gets it.

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    With music I'd convert to 128 and hopefully at least some of it will match.


    For things like radio shows it might be easier to switch the media type to audiobook and sync them that way.


    "hold on, so any music I hove that doesn't match to the iCloud will be pulled off my phone?"


    That should only be the case for songs that have an error or are ineligible.  Things like homemade recordings obviously won't match but they should upload and be available that way.

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    Audiobooks sync differently?  Hadn't tried that.  I'll give it a shot.  Thanks, Mike.  I'd prefer to not up-sample everything I have to 128 - it will completely balloon my storage needs so the audiobook thing may work.

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    In iTunes there should be a Books tab for your device, you can select audiobooks to sync from there.

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    That works.  Thanks!  Not thrilled, but at least I can get to my content now.  :-)

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    Hey Jeff V. I cam across this post becasue I was having a similar problem but with low quality recordings of Edith Piaf a singer form the 20's. I have been looking for old time radio shows as a gift for my father, perhaps you'd be willing to point me in the right direction for that?


    Thanks for the answer everyone!

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    send me your personal email address and I can give you all of the details - email to vilenski@me.com