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I have all my music stored on my mac desktop at home. Can I use iTunes Match to stream that music on my work laptop instead having to save a copy on the hard drive?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I am waiting for the same answer.  It seems stupid otherwise.  I mean, all you have to do is download the song via ethernet when you get home. 

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    Yes, Match saves a file on iOS devices but on computers playing the file in iTunes streams it and you also have the option to tell it to download a local copy.

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    so what about Apple TV 2?  There is no HD space?  If it streams why cant iphone or ipod stream as well?  This is assnine being that my iphone is my camera, video, app unit and space should not be compormised by how much music is matched.  Just stupid. 

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    You'll have to take that up with Apple.

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    I share your frustrations over lack of streaming.  And this is more egregious than Apple TV because, unlike Apple TV where you RENT movies, you OWN the songs in your iTunes library.  Ultimately, if you have a lot of music, Apple is forcing you to purchase 64GB iPads and iPhones (at a $200 premium) just to have access to the music that YOU HAVE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!

    I use the Amazon cloud right now, as it allows true streaming of my music.  I have only the 16GB iPhone as I couldn't afford the 64GB phone.  Apple needs to correct this problem.

    And I'm tired of hearing that it is the music companies that denied streaming rights to Apple.  That is false.  As I said, you have purchased your iTunes music and it was solely Apple's decision to forego streaming.  Apple's view seems to be that, if you want to take full advantage of the cloud, you must buy the highest-priced devices.  No other company is approaching cloud service from this perspective.  In fact, THE WHOLE POINT OF THE CLOUD IS TO AVOID HAVING THINGS ON YOUR DEVICES!

    Sorry for all of the caps.  I'm not yelling at you.  I am just angry with Apple.

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    Please see my reply to Hyperjoe1 above.

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    On Mac, PC and Apple TV 2, music will stream. For Mac and PC, you can click the download buttons if you choose, but just double clicking song names and playing albums will stream the music instead of downloading. On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, music will download and "stream" (aka play while downloading). While I would love the option to actually stream on my iPhone, it's just not there right now. Hopefully Apple adds it in the near future as a toggle switch in iOS Settings.app.

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    I assumed the thinking was that since most phones are subject to data caps it made more sense to download the song when played, thereby not needing to steam it every time. (It can be deleted from the phone to free up space again) Whereas on the desktop data consumption is not so much an issue therefore you can download or stream. For Apple TV streaming is the only option and works fine in my experience.

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    I agree. Since you can stream it to the computers, there should be no issue legally on the iDevices as well. The only concern is data plan usage on a cell phone. I want to be able to use it so I can have some music on my iPhone all the time, but others I want to be able to stream so I am not taking up so much space with JUST music on any single device. I would like to be able to listen to music on an iPad but I don't want it to download to the device because I want it to be more for videos and reading then I do for music since I already have an iPhone. I'd just like to NOT have to download the songs with iTunes Match in order to listen to them on an iDevice.

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    I have a temporary fix.

    I am using an iPad 2 so I don't know if this method will differ on your device.

    Click on Settings ---> Usage

    Under Storage there should be Music, if not then click on Show all Apps

    Click on Music, up the top right there should be an Edit button.

    A red delete icon should appear, if you use this it will delete all of the Music that you have automatically downloaded due to iTunes match. Clearing it from your device only.


    I know that it's not a permanent solution as it will delete any music that you actually want to keep on your device and it will need to be done fairly often depending on your device space.

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    Take a look at this discussion: https://discussions.apple.com/message/16755870#16755870  I think it might help.  It seems you have to either create a new library, or simply delete the songs you want to play, and then you will be able to stream them from the cloud.

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    That solution works out for non iOS devices. So the problem remains.