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When I click on a project the images do not appear in preveiw. They are displayed when I skim over the project and the number of images is displayed next to the project box. But no preveiw.

I have my library in Aperture and this does not occur with all projects. As far as I know there where no problems with the setting up and I have only recently noticed this annomally.

Any Ideas?


Thank You.

Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Octo. 16Gb ram, GT8800 gpu, Mac OS X (10.6.7), SSD boot/1TB Scra /3x1Tb Raid0 Home
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    I have deleted the problem projects and the emptied the AP trash.


    In the OS trash it appeared as a folder, so I put the folder on my desktop.


    Reimported the images as a new project and renamed it as before and all is well.


    I have repeated this process for four projects so far successfully.


    No idea what I am doing ;-)


    There must be a correct way but God knows what it is or what went wrong in the first place.


    Comments welcome.