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I recently bought an iphone 4s and having bluetooth connectivity issues with my home phone and car.  Both work fine at first when I initially pair them, but within a couple hours or up to a week, my 4s stops communicating with my devices.  More specifically:


Home Phone:  I have a home phone that has a bluetooth "link-to-cell" feature that allows me to pair my cell phone with the house phone, so that when someone calls my cellphone, it rings through my house phone's handsets, allowing me to answer and talk through my home phones.  Likewise it allows me to make cell phone calls using my home phone handsets.  I've had the home phone for 6 mos and it worked perfectly with my previous (LG) cell phone.  When i first paired it with my 4s, it seemed to work fine (I could make and receive cell calls through my home phone), but then, after a few days, it stopped working properly.  When someone called my cell phone, my 4s only vibrated instead of ringing, and my home phone wouldnt ring either.  And although both my 4s and the house phone both showed that they were still paired with each other, I couldnt make or receive cellphone calIs through my house phone. I even tried to replace my home phone (ATT TL92270) with other models (the newer ATT model TL92271 and a Uniden model Uniden D3280-2) and had the same exact experience with all of them (it worked correctly and first.. anywhere from a couple hrs up to a week), and then stopped working.  I tried everything from having the devices "forget" each other and re-pair them, to resetting my 4s.  I even tried replacing my 4s with a new 4s, thinking maybe my 4s was defective, but I have the same issues with the new 4s (worked at first, but then stopped).


Car Connectivity:  At first my 4s (both my original and my new replacement) paired successfully with my 2003 (or 2004?) Lexus RX and worked fine for several days (I could make and receive cell calls through my car's bluetooth), but then that stopped too.   After i few days, I started getting a "check cell phone" message on my car's screen when I tried making calls through my cell phone.


I thought maybe the IOS 5.0.1 upgrade would fix the issues but it didnt.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

iPhone 4S, bluetooth
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    Add to the list on phones tested that are not iPhone 4S bluetooth compatible.


    I had the same ringer problems stated above (worked at first and not later with vibrate only) with a VTech DS6421-3.

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    I was just on the phone with a supervisor at Apple Care in regards to identical problems that you are having with the vtech DS6421-3...what a coincidence! He stated the new Bluetooth version 4.0 may not be compatible. He did not take a hard line about it being the bluetooth device manufacturer's problem, and did assure me that they would look into it. At this point, unless they come up with a fix or patch, I think we all might be stuck waiting for all the bluetooth device manufacturers to come out with new iphone 4s compatible devices. Not ideal!

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    What cordless phone system are you using.  Perhaps we can get a running list so that Apple will see this as a problem that is as much their issue to solve as the many 3rd party manufacturers.


    So far I have not found any cordless phone manufacturers that want to say they are iPhone 4S compatible.


    My wife and I dropped the land line some time ago and have been using this solution but now, with the new phones, it's broken.  Ouch!

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    The vtech DS6421-3, as you are...I think we are hosed until the bluetooth manufacturers catch up to this new version 4.0 that Apple is now using. May not be over night either.

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    I'm sad to report that I have the same issues between three to four times a day.  Before I got my iPhone 4S (first iPhone I've owned, btw) I used to have a Sony Ericsson C902 that I operated along with a bluetooth headset HBH-DS205 that used to work perfectly together.  Now, with the headset and the iPhone 4S I keep noticing that the connection breaks and all I can do to restore it is to turn the headset off and on every time.  I listen to music all day long on the headset and this issue can get to irritating levels.  Also sometimes I feel stupid as at work I'm one of the few 4S owners and, the iPhone being a state of the art device, my coworkers get to see me scrambling to figure out whether I need to bring the phone up to my ear or just one of the earpieces to my ear.  The headset also has a answer/hang-up button that as of late, for the same reason, I cannot know for sure will start or end a call.  I would hate to be forced to drop the headset as I really love it too.  

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    I too have a 4s and an AT&T TL-92270 with Bluetooth.  As others have said, it worked fine for a while. In the past few weeks, I noticed that a large number of calls were going to VM (Google Voice) and the phone never rang.  I got Verizon on the phone and they determined that the phone was bad and shipped me a replacement.


    Now, the new phone started doing the same thing.  Then, I found this thread.


    My Droid never had a problem with the AT&T cordless phone. Apparently Apple Bluetooth does.


    Here's hoping that Apple can give us a fix.


    Does anyone know of a Bluetooth enabled cordless phone that does work with the 4s?



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    Unfortunately there are no known devices that will reliable work with the iPhone 4S.  I spent a considerable amount of time coaxing the Apple Support folks to work on this... they feel it is a Bluetooth 4.0 issue and not their problem.  I'm not quite so sure considering the iPhone's work with all of the different 3rd party vendors but the ringer, on the iPhone 4S, is the intermittent issue.  As long as the ringer has not shut off, all is well.  The question nobody answers is why does the ringer intermittently quit?


    Hopefully some manufacturer will ship a solution in the near future.  I have given up my land line and really want this to work throughout my home.

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    Thanks for the reply. I just did a quick search of all of the major cordless phone vendors and not one lists the 4s as a compatible cell.  I know nothing about how these devices (cells) are engineered but I would have hoped they would have built in some type of backward compatibility to the current Bluetooth technology.  Or, at the very least mentioned the possibility of existing BT devices not working with the 4s BEFORE you buy it.  I have had mine a month, too long ago to return it.

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    I confirm the problem with the AT&T TL92271 cordless phone where two iPhone 4s's work fine for a while, then one or the other or both only vibrate and not ring for an incoming call. Nor does the cordless phone ring.


    I also have to manually pair the iPhone 4s to the Panasonic KX-TG 7624 system the AT&T replacd.


    And conversations via a Plantronics Calisto Pro headset are garbled.


    Neither Apple nor any of the three manufacturers feel it is their problem, even though the setups worked fine before Apple changed to Bluetooth 4.0.  Apple's response to not being able to use a car's Bluetooth that used to work seems to be to buy a new car compatible with your iPhone.  I've certainly lost a great deal of respect for Apple from this expensive experience.



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    I am having the same problem as all of you.  And I am really ticked!  I bought 4 iphones in December because I liked the new 4s.  It pairs just fine with my vehicle, but my home phones (vtech) are a totally different issue.  They stay connected, but it keeps going to "vibrate" and when it does, the home phones do not ring.  If I am psychic, I can answer one of the phones if someone calls, but I am NOT psychic.  I bet if I had called the apple support line and Steve Jobs had been on it that day, he would have gotten this issue taken care of.  As a 20+ year veteran of Apple products, I expect a little more.  It is an Apple problem and they need to correct it.

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    Same issue with an older model Uniden ELBT595 bluetooth system.  Worked fine with my previous Blackberry.  Cant find anything to work with my new Iphones.  Very frustrating.  When you live in a multistory home, having bluetooth connectivity to a home wireless phone system is a big convenience. 

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    I was digging around in some other Bluetooth problem related threads and saw a guy say, just disable Siri , yes the precious Siri, and all your troubles will disappear. You would never hear an Apple rep. tell you that, but guess what...I have now had her disabled for almost 24 hrs. and my Vtech Connect-to-Cell device has worked flawlessly. It apparently has nothing to do with the new Bluetooth version that Apple put in the 4s, nor iOS 5, nor is there anything wrong with my Vtech device (as some earlier threads might indicate). It's all about Siri...she apparently is a very selfish girl and doesn't play well in the sandbox with others. I probably won't even miss her...she wasn't that good anyway. Maybe Apple will have dealt with this in the coming release. Good Luck & Cheers!

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    My bad...I spoke too soon. It suddenly is back doing the same thing. Back to not ringing with incoming phone calls. Worked great for quite a while, and as everybody here notes, all of a sudden just decides it doesn't want to ring. Apparently Siri has nothing to do with it...Sorry Siri. It is however not a Vtech problem, again as everybody here states, because the old Bluetooth version (on the 3GS and iPhone4) worked flawlessly with it before they (Apple) decided to change to the new version 4.0 on the iPhone4s. We just have to wait until Vtech, Panasonic, Uniden, AT&T, etc. change their Bluetooth phones to be compatible with the iPhone4s. Or maybe Apple will finally admit they did something too far ahead of the industry and create a software patch or something. I'm not going to hold my breath. Sorry I thought I was on to something.

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    What's funny is, that I have finally started using Siri and actually find it somewhat useful. Now I don't have to decide between Bluetooth and Siri


    I cannot believe that Apple is so arrogant to actually believe all of these vendors are at fault and the 4s is not.


    Do Apple support people ever monitor this site?  It would be nice to hear an official respoonse from them concerning this.

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