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does anyone recommend an anti virus program for iphones?  My Aol account was hacked and the AOL representative that helped me told me not to have my account saved on the iphone because it is not safe to store passwords on the iphone. So I was just wondering if anyone else has been hacked or uses anti virus software on their phone.

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    There are no know viruses that can infect an iPhone, so there are no anti virus apps.  Because of how the IPhone is designed it would be very difficult to infect it with a virus.


    From my understanding, all the data on the iPhone is encrypted and about the only way to hack an iPhone and get to the unencrypted data is if the user fails to lock the iPhone.  In short, if you iPhone gets hacked and someone access your data it probably your fault for not taking proper security precautions such as sending unencrypted data over an unsecured network or locking your iPhone.

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    IOS has no virus!!!

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    The only possible way for an iPhone to get a virus (YES, it CAN get viruses, it's not any more immune than an Android phone), is to be jailbroken, and this is not the right place to discuss it. I can discuss this elsewhere though.


    Just remove all traces of AOL on your phone - any apps, etc. I recommend restoring your phone just to take extra precaution

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    iPhones don't get viruses, the NSA couldn't crack an iPhone's code, it's all from AOL why your account got hacked

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    My guess is you used your AOL account over unsecured wifi..