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  • huntdog82 Level 1 (0 points)

    So it's now December 5th and I'm trying to match my AC/DC collection.  I see that althought I can follow the link from the song to the iTunes Library's version of the song (click on the option arrow next to a song in iTunes 11) it won't find the very same song in iTunes Match.  The song in iTunes Match is 1 second shorter than my track version.  I'm thinking of downloading the song, deleting from iTunes Match and trying to shorten it and upload again... any bets on the result?...

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    I have had the 2003 remasters of the AC/DC catalog for a while, and except for (oddly) Back in Black they were all uploaded. Following another tip on this forum I converted the AAC files to Apple Lossless, deleted the originals from iTunes and the Cloud, waited for the converted tracks to show "removed" then added them to the cloud and I got them to match.


    Then I deleted the ALAC files, and downloaded the newly matched tracks.

  • davidpetree Level 1 (20 points)

    Wow,i see that too.I just cliceked the link to a song that is NOT matched, it says "uploaded" but out of 22 songs on the CD, this is the only one not matching. I see that my copy is 1 second longer then the one in iTunes, yet i ripped it FROM THE CD..


    So, it matched 21 songs from the cd, but 1 didnt because it was 1 second to long... Nice Apple

  • UBPClaw Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anybody know if Apple is working on this? I subscribed last month and the match process seems hit or miss. I have CD's that I ripped and all but a couple of tracks get matched, I dont get it. I tried removing songs from iTunes and iCloud and reimporting them but they still got uploaded.

  • PleasantSpectrum Level 1 (10 points)

    I too recently signed up for Match, and this seems to be a pervasive issue, with various [manual] workarounds which are hit-and-miss. Apparently the matching algorithm is an imperfect system, causing frustration and manual labor for us perfectionists (e.g. spending an hour getting "five more songs" in your library to match...only a thousand more to go!). What the system needs is a "force match" or "override" feature.

  • Charles Cunningham Level 1 (85 points)

    So far I have found that the failure to match some songs from a given album is a mismatch in their time length. After I import the CD using Apple Lossless Compression, I review which songs were uploaded instead of matched. Then I go to iTunes to find the time length listed. After that I open the track in Garageband and trim or extend the track. After that and importing it back to iTunes, iTunes performs a Match update and matches the track instead of uploading it.


    Although not ideal, iTunes Match should just work, this workaround appears to be successful.

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    I now have this problem as well.


    I bought a CD for someone from Amazon, which included the autorip.  That has now been downloaded and it's automatically gone into iTunes for me and is playable.


    But, it won't upload to itunes Match.  It's Take That's latest CD.  Iv'e run the Update thing a few times, won't work.  There is no cloud next to the tracks.


    What do I do ?

  • PeterS Level 1 (15 points)

    Dear Simon

    The thing is, Amazon Rip is not designed for you to have the music when you have not bought the CD for yourself. If I understand your post correctly you gave someone else the CD, so you have no right to the music in the first place. Buy your own copy, either a CD or from iTunes, and I am sure you will find Match works properly.

    If you care about live music, don't steal.

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm not stealing.

    I purchase the CD with my own money.

    They don't use iTunes or anything like that, so they have the CD, I have the "autorip" from my personal Amazon account.


    It's therefore not stealing.


    Secondly, I have hundreds of CDs on my Match account that were given to me, or just attained thru other ways, and all are on my account.

    In fact, I bought a CD on Amazon and used the autorip service to get it on iTunes Match, rather thna ripping it to my PC and then uploading.  That worked!

  • PeterS Level 1 (15 points)

    You purchased the CD with your own money, and therefore the right to listen and 'own' the music. But you gave it away. All rights end at that point.


    Love your post though - made me laugh. As they say, ignorance is bliss. You must be very blissful.


    It's why bands can't make money from CDs any more. People steal their music.

  • simon_a6 Level 1 (5 points)

    Goodness me.  There is no document that says if you give something away as a gift, you cannot keep "part" of it.

    Apart from that, why won't it work?

    Surely it's an MP3 I am trying to use.


    Maybe if I just ripped it it would work.

  • Pincus Fuctus Level 1 (0 points)

    I find that this is still an issue (not all songs on a CD matching in iTunes match).    I understand that when a label issues a remastered CD ~or~ a compilation CD where the song may be edited even just a few seconds and iTunes match can't match it.   However - what about new CDs:




    The new Nick Jonas CD.   Most of the songs match - 3 don't (including the hit song 'Jealous' - which is a top 10 hit in Billboard).

    Many obscure original cast albums match fine - but the new Pippin and Beautiful - which both won Tony Awards and live in the top 10 cast album chart on Billboard do not completely match.

    I ripped my Best of Jackson Browne double CD and some of the hit songs didn't match (including 'The Pretender').   Okay, says I, maybe it's an abbreviated track for the compilation - so I slyly pulled out my 'Pretender' CD and ripped that track and it also did not match.


    What gives, Apple - this isn't a free service and I'm ripping my own music.   I like using iTunes match because it does a great job of equalizing the volume and while there are numerous tools to do this - I don't have the ears to do it properly and I appreciate that iTunes match does this for me.   If I upload songs that do not match - the sound is not equalized and I have to futz around with the volume during playback - and that sort of defeats the purpose.

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