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I just got a bluetooth mouse, but i cant set it up because I can't get to the bluetooth menu in System Preferences.  How do I set up the mouse with only keyboard commands?  The Apple instructions only tell you how to set up a new mouse WITH a mouse... duh...

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    BTW, I do not have a wired mouse handy with which to do the pairing, and the Magic Mouse was paired with another machine previously, so although I can get to System Preferences using keyboard shortcuts, I can't figure out how to click the "Set up New Device" button.

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    Figure it out by jerkin with key commands:

    • CMD+SHIFT+G to Go to Folder
    • Enter "/Applications"
    • Arrow keys down to "System Preferences"
    • CMD+O to open
    • Type "Bluetooth" into the search field (default active field in System Preferences)
    • Press "Enter" to open the Bluetooth preferences
    • CMD+N to setup new device
    • Arrow keys to select the mouse
    • Press Enter on the selected mouse


    Easy?  ugh...

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    For any future people looking at this, you can simplify this process using Spotligh:


    • CMD + Spacebar (opens Spotlight - Mac's search feature)
    • Type "Bluetooth" - use arrow keys to select Bluetooth with the heading system preferences (most likely the 2nd or 3rd option)
    • Continue from CMD + N as above


    This cuts out about the first half - additionally, using the keyboard to automatically open up spotlight and search for a program/file is often way faster than navigating to find it in everyday life too!


    (Another really useful command: CMD+W - close window or if browsing the internet close tab)

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    I am sure a lot of people have not replied to this or mentioned anything, but thank you for answering your own question. Thought I was going to have to wait for my USB mouse to arrive from Amazon before I could finally test out my new Hybrid drive. Thanks a ton!

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    Post 1 was correct until I hit "Enter" and didn't work. However, when I hit "Spacebar" it was the same as "Enter".