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im thinking about buying an ipad for school next year, is it good for taking notes ? also, i am mainly intesrested in it for imessage , how does that work? do you get a number? a barcode? is it like a cell phone and do i need a provider ? confused :S

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    • The iPad is great for taking notes. It comes with its own notes application.
    • Also you can run compatible software with Office on there called Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
    • iMessage works with your email address.
    • you need internet to use iMessage.
    • The iPad only looks similar to an iPhone. It runs a similar OS called iOS, however it can't make calls like a phone can. It doesn't have a number.
    • Or a voice plan.
    • It is a great way to replace heavier, bulkier computers much of the time for web surfing, email, social networking, video and photo viewing, gaming, music, and content creation.
    • It won't however completely the place a need for a computer if you do more professional content creation in video and graphics.