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I set up iTunes match today on the computer. On my iPhone some songs don't have a cloud beside them and play fine, some do have a cloud and have to download for a minute before they play and some are light grey and do not play. Can someone explain or point me to a page that explains this???



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  • whizzo Level 1 (15 points)

    The greyed out songs are those that are not matched (for whatever reason). The songs without a cloud icon next to them are songs that are stored already on your iPhone. The ones with the cloud icon are iTunes-matched songs that are available for download to your iPhone (after which they will appear without the cloud icon).

  • sfaulk Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you so much for the explanation.

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    I had this problem early on with the "greyed out" songs in a certain playlists, and when I disabled iTunes Match in the music settings, and then re-enabled it everything was refreshed in the "greyed out" songs disappeared.

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    Did the songs disappear, as in they then matched up, or you lost the songs?  I have a few songs that are greyed out.  I deleted the original in order to upgrade to 256k, and it worked the just about all my songs, but a few are "greyed out", and I don't know if I need to re-import the originals. 

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    That solved my problem. My iPhone was only showing 10% of the 6500 songs I'd matched and many of them were grayed and unaccessible. After turning off iTunes Match under Music in Settings on my iPhone and turning it back on, it reloaded and now all 6500 songs are available.

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    I have had the same problem and after reading the forums, tried all the suggestion (Deactivating and reactivating iMatch, enabling home sharing, etc). However, I think I found the problem for greyed out items that wont play or download. My library originally was 31000 songs. iMatch will only match 25000, as stated in the terms and conditions. Since reducing my iTunes library to 24500, I no longer have this problem. Hope this sheds some light on the issue for you

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    For people having trouble with "grayed out" songs, it may in some cases have do with DRM.  While I don't think it's addressed specifically here. I gather that DRM from sources other than iTunes can also be an issue.




    Songs purchased from multiple Apple IDs

    Songs containing DRM (Digital Rights Management) may not appear, or may appear grayed out in iCloud. This can occur if your computer is not authorized for playback of that content. Try authorizing your computer, then manually update iTunes Match.

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    I have turned Match off on my iPhone 4S and it doesn't change anything.  Even with iTunes Match turned off in the music settings, the albums with the cloud icon still remain and are playable.  Also, only a small percentage of the songs in my iTunes library are available on my iPhone.  That includes all the ones that are labeled as matched as well as those labeled as uploaded.  I think we are just going to have to wait for fixes in the future because none of the solutions that I have read on this forum seem to work for me.  It's extremely frustrating.

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    I wish iTunes would tell you when you attempt to play a gray song why it isn't available. I have albums where from one to all but one song are grayed out. THey all have check marks and clouds next to them.

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    i have this prob..on itunes which i had since like 09 i think or 08...i just got the iphone and i didnt since my songs so i had to copy and paste the songs and playlists into the  iphone section...is there a way to like redo it so it will sync without copy and pasting it? please answer but thats not the real question but answer anyway...lol the copy and pasting worked fine i dont hav a prob..the real prob is that i got a new playlist folder with new songs and i again copy and pasted it on the iphone whoch again worked fine..its just i like album art and i like finding it and puting it onto songs that dont have art just the music note any way im a glee fan dont get me wrong here i like the music any way i have alot of the songs and i found these covers i saw..theyre fan made covers and i use them as the artwork which worked until i noted when i plug my fone in, some of the songs are lighter and have the two circling loading arrows on the side except the arrows dont spin theyre still.. the lighter songs dont have album artwork which i put up but its not registering...the songs play fine light and dark they both play...its just the light songs are the ones that dont have the album art on the fone when i clearly put in on the song in tunes and the darker ones have it on my fone...i dont have itunes match cuz i saw thats what u sed the prob is...sooo now i dont know whats goin on... lmao i hope you all comprehended that please help thank you!

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    okay soo going back to the copy and pasted folders on my fone....the songs that are lighter play on my fone...they dont play on itunes... again please help lol thanks

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    i had the same problem and tried turning off itunes match in itunes then turning it back on. this worked perfectly for me.

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    I had the worst issues with this so far its crazy! I had to delete my icloud account and disable my imatch before I realized that you can check the box at the very bottom of the Summary tab that says "manually manage music and videos" and then I could drag and drop music on my iphone 4s. Waiting to see what will happen when I turn on imatch again but after reactivating my icloud everything is still on my iphone.


    Still want a refund.

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    Thanks, this solved my problem.