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A convert to all things Apple, I'm "all in".  I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone.  Today, I need to buy a technical book for work.  I don't want to lug around an actual book, and I want to be able to copy/paste things from it for my reference.  The book is available in iTunes.  Am I really supposed to buy an iPad just to read it?!


I travel a lot for work and always have my MacBook Pro.  I do not want to have to also carry an iPad!


If you tell me tough luck, or to get some sort of Amazon app, then I'm truly disappointed in Apple that I can't do all of this on my MacBook Pro.  Maybe I should have never made the conversion.



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    It says right on the purchase page for everything in the iBookstore that you need an iOS device to read it.  One exception is books from O'Reilly.  And of course apps that are not from the iBookstore as such.


    To tell Apple you don't like this, you can use the feedback channels.




    In the meantime, if you want to read purchased ebooks on OS X,  you need to get them from a different source, like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Googlebooks and use the free ereader apps available.