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I downloaded the iCloud from iTunes and now my Outlook no longer syncs with my iPhone. It worked perfectly before. Now when I make an entry in my phone it doesn't sync with my PC. This is so annoying, and has cost me dearly with missed appointments. I would like to disable it and go back to how it was but don't know how. Or fix it. I've read the posts and I'm so confused by the different responses that I am going crazy. Please someone just give me a simple solution to either fix this problem or to get rid of iCloud.

Thanks, much appreciated

iPhone 3GS, Windows XP, Outlook 2007
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    If you added iCloud correctly on your PC there will be 2 calendars in Outlook, local and iCloud, the iCloud calendar is where iCloud appointments go.

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    Why would I want 2 calendars, that doesn't make any sense. I thought the whole point was to sync so that all my calendars were the same. Who wants to look after 2 separate calendars. I had only one before and it synced nicely. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be getting from iCloud but it is nothing but trouble. It would be more helpful if you could give me more information than just if I did it right etc...

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    I didn't think you would want 2 calendars, but that is what you have, it is how Outlook works, just use the iCloud calendar and ignore the other.

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    Thanks, I am sort of dealing with the same issue.  I wish there was a high-level overview of how adding iCloud to a PC would change things. It may be out there and I have not found it yet.


    Seems we may have to think a little differently.  iCloud is indeed the answer for multiple devices (ie., iphone and iPad and PC).


    However, PC Outlook users now need to look at the "iCloud contacts" instead of Contacts, "iCloud calendar" instead of Calendar (or my calendar). Same thing when addressing emails.  iCloud sort of dis-associates your original contact, calendar.  You can choose these new defaults within Outlook and uncheck the standard calendars, standard contacts, etc.


    Initially I was thinking I would make a change to a contact in Outlook and it would sync the change in the cloud.  This is only half right.  You make the change in "iCloud contacts" and it will then sync. I assume same applies with "iCloud Calendar".


    Now that I understand the new approach, I think it will work nicely.


    One thing I haven't figured out yet is how to choose NOT to sync a certain contact group.  I have an "old contacts group" in Outlook and it gets thrown into "All Contacts" which would prefer it did not do that.



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    Okay, that's fine because outlook mac and icalender synce but WHY won't it sync with my calender on my iphone.


    I typed in a test and in outlook and it did copy over to ical but not over to my iphone which is where i want it to sync.

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    What are you testing?


    Add an event to your icloud calendar on the web (not in outlook, not on your iphone) if that event shows up on your Mac (in outlook in the iCloud calendar) then Outlook is connected, likewise if it shows on your phone (in the iCloud calendar) then that too is connected, anywhere it does not show is disconnected.


    Turn off all other types of syncing for contacts and calendars, turn off iTunes wifi and cable sync, turn off sync services, none of these are needed for contact and calendar sync via iCloud. Post back after you have done this.

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    TeddyDo wrote: Hi, I have just found a great solution for syncing up Outlook default folders with iCloud folders and thought I wuold share it with you. The Control Panel still needs to be installed but the new iCloud folders can be synced with default calendars in real time by means of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud. Seems to be working great so far:





    Works with calendars, tasks and contacts.



    Thanks TeddyDo...this works for us to. We (my wife and I) each have an iPhone 4S that we sync with our outllook 2010 on our home PC. after a little bit of reconciliation they all sync real-time! OUTSTANDING


    worth adding a couple of additional bits of info.


    1. check out the CodeTwo website videos as they are really easy to follow (2 minutes) and the software does it all for you, barring a little bit on the intial configuration, which is why I thought I would type up what to look out for.
    2. only works (supported) if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7
    3. assuming you already have outlook installed, first install install iCloud
    4. go to www.apple.com/icloud and set up the syncs (what you want to sync)
    5. iCloud will have set up a iCloud Calendar in Outlook and you will see that it has probably moved all the data out of the default folder onto the iCloud folder so they are out of sync
    6. install CodeTwo sync for iCloud http://www.codetwo.com/sync-for-icloud/ it cost $10, if you live in the EU it will stupidly ask you for your VAT number, if like me this is for personal use rather than a company it is a pain, but if you put your country as say USA and pay by paypal it works
    7. if you have Norton 360 you will need to go to 'manage the firewall' and 'allow' CodeTwo (which is C2...) otherwise Norton wont allow it to sync.
    8. configure CodeTwo by going to the settings button on the Outlook top bar/ribbon and select which folders you wish to sync and you probably want to go for two-way.
    9. if you are viewing both the iCloud and default calendars you will see that they should start to sync, this may intially take 10 minutes or so as it is making sure they are identical - there is a manage conflicts calendar that is worth flicking through in case there is anything there.
    10. you need to go throught the same process for the contacts (i have 1500 of them so it took10 mins) and then tasks, reminders, etc
    11. they should all (PC, iCloud and iPhones)be synced, but your iPhone calendar will seem as if it has duplicated the lot...it hasn't it is just that it is displaying both the PC calendar and iCloud calendar and they are now identical. go to the iPhone Calendar and tick only the iCloud calendar and your duplicates disappear. contacts etc shouldnt need that attention as it doesnt show duplicates, although if like me you may have some old unreconciled conflicts (historically using iTunes to sync PC and iCloud - not CodeTwo's fault) to deal with, but I should have dealt with that before.
    12. we have multiple PC/laptops at home and given this success we have been thinking about syncing a couple of PCs so we can both be clearing down our outlook emails and all our emails sync. CodeTwo do a couple of similar syncing packages to do that...one for simply two PCs and one for multiple PCs across a home network, giving you most of the functionality of MS Exchange at home...will post something if we go for it, but confident it will probably work.
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    How did you sync before you installed the iCloud?   I have a PC with windows 7 and outlook 2010.   I got a Windows 7 phone thinking it would be an easy sync with Outlook - HAH!   There is no way to physically sync a Windows 7 phone with a USB cable - sync is done thru the cloud only and per many forums it is usually a nightmare.  


    SO, I'm thinking of getting either an iPhone or an iPad, and will want to sync it to Outlook on my PC.   Can that be done with a USB cable?   Can you sync it both ways?