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I am hoping to please get a reponse from an apple employee about this.  I just got back from the Apple store in Faiview mall (scarborough) yesterday.  The purpose of this trip was to get my 2nd Iphone 4S 32gb replaced... it looks like I'll be going back again..


1st Iphone 4s- Picked up at a rogers store,  phone had issues with speaker/antenna.  I took it Apple store where it was replaced.


2nd Iphone 4s- Replacement phone given to me had an issue with the vibration where phone would rattle, Genius at store couldn't fix it, told me "yes somthing                          is going on, I will get you another replacement". I explained I was upset a bit as this was my 2nd trip to the store (which is not a close drive) to                         return a 2nd defective device. no comensation was given (not even the screen protector that I had to buy again for another new phone.


3rd Iphone 4s- This current NOW 3rd phone given to me has a new issue..my backlight on the screen is extemely bright around the edges and on darker                                 Screens there are 6 circles that are constantly distorting images, they look like they are buned into the screen. (yes i know how to adjust                                 brightness settings, that is not the issue).   What is going to happen on my 3rd trip out of the way (where i will have to blow half a day) to the                             Apple store?  Will they just simply give me a 4th new phone? will I be promised that "this one wont we defective" again?


4th Iphone 4s-?????


As a loyal Apple customer please help me resolve this issue.


-Corey from Markham

iPhone 4S
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    You should be able to get another replacement since you are still in your 1 year limited hardware warranty.


    There shouldn't be anything prohibiting them from giving you another replacement.

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    I'm sure I will get another replacement the issue at hand is I am now making a 3rd trip to an Apple store with my 3rd defective phone. I mean, 3 defective products?   really?  does this happen so often that everyone is just cool with "oh, heres a new one".  A trip to the apple store is no treat.  my most recent visit I made an online apointment hours in advance.  when I got to the store i was told to wait in the corner, where i waited standing until while my 340 appointment was 30 minutes late.  No customer should be treated that way.  we pay alot for this stuff. there are certain expectations that it should work.



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    I'm sorry you received such poor service at that Apple Store.

    If you made your appointment at 3:40 then they should've taken you at 3:40, no later.

    You could probably submit some feedback on them.


    And as for the product itself, well thats just how products are, not everything "just works."  There is always bound to be some problems with them.

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    I absolutly understand that not every product is going to perfect and that there is some margin for error. To get 1 defect no big deal, to get 2 defects seems unlucky but I accepted it, im now on my 3rd clearly defective Iphone 4s... this is now an issue that causing me to rethink my trust in Apple product which historicaly in my experience has been pleasant.



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    Currently at the apple store waiting for my 1250 appintment that I made yesterday,  I showed up 20 minutes early, I requesteted to have a manager present.  at the moment they are 5 minutes late,  so it begins....

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    it is now 15 minutes after appointment,   still not seen,  waiting in the corner...

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    Face the truth you dealing with the dark side. I've had 10 says of no phone working 10 hrs on the phone to Apple Care because the store could not help and over 7 consultants. Still waiting for Apple Care to do something.