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I've just updated 3 MacPro's 3.1 and 4 MacPro's 1.1 from 10.5.8 to SL 10.6.8.


All the Macs have been runing fine until SL was installed.

Now all couple of hours the Macs are bringing the Ethernet Link down and up again. (not togeter it's random)


Here from the Kernel.log:

Nov 16 04:56:41 su09-23 kernel[0]: Ethernet [Intel8254X]: Link down on en0

Nov 16 04:56:44 SU09-23 kernel[0]: Ethernet [Intel8254x]: Link up on en0, 1-Gigabit, Full-duplex, No flow-control, Debug [792d,ac08,0de1,0e00,c1e1,7800]


It cannot be the switch! First it used to work for years with this untouched switch and cabling.

Second even if I leave out the switch and connect a MacPro directly to a server it still happens.


My guess is that the Drivers for 10.6.8 are buggy. Becaue the HW is fine. It can't be that all the HW is now all of the sudden broken.

And btw I have just bought brand new MacPros 5.1 and they do not drop the link. And they are running 10.6.8 too.

But they of course use another network chip and driver.


So anyone can confirm this or even has a solution for this mess?



Thanks for your contibution.



Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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