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I have a lot of lyrics metadata in my iTunes library.  I have tested iTunes Match for this and found that on my Mac if I delete a track and redownload it from iCloud (matched) it WILL in fact keep all the data I had previously had for that track: including lyrics.


This data also normally synced right over to iOS devices as well via WiFi/Cable sync.  However, downloading tracks from iCloud on an iOS device for me rendered no such lyrics metadata.  Anyone else have similar observations?  Maybe they will work on this in the future.  It seems lyrics are the only metadata that does not drop down from iCloud to an iOS device.  Nonetheless with iTunes Match enabled, I can no longer sync music via my Mac: it's all supposed to come straight from iCloud now.

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • dbaps Level 1 (10 points)

    Apple should assign lyrics for you. It's a shame really. Or how about taking the best upload metadata and sharing it with everyone?

  • george732 Level 1 (15 points)

    This is a good idea, but the lyrics, for the purposes of transmission, publishing, display, are often not covered under the license for the song itself. The song is one piece of intellectual property, the lyrics another (and the sheet music or guitar tabs a third). BTW, I used to live in Waldorf.

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    This is a major issue for me also. I just converted to iTunes Match, love that I can get anything from my large library on demand to any of my IOS devices (2 iPhones and 2 iPads for myself and spouse). However, any lyrics that I have manually added myself to songs on my mac will only show up on my mac and not IOS devices. I tried adding new lyrics after the match completed, remove and reload the song on iPhone, no luck. The only songs on iPhone with lyrics are those that were already on the iPhone before moving over to iCloud, so if I remove and reload them the lyrics go away.


    All this is used to work fine without icloud, I could add lyrics to a song and they will show up on any IOS device. It makes no technical or legal sense for this to go away when converting to iCloud. I am sure hoping this is a bug or feature piece that just didn't make the deadline in the rush to get iTunes Match out.


    If someone from Apple can confirm this will be addressed, that would be great.

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    It probably is some sort of legal reason.  Either that or the Apple "Geniuses" have decided we're not entitled to have lyrics anymore.


    I just wish Apple would announce what is going on and why.

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    It should work, it works on the iphone so there is not valid reason it should not work on the IPAD.  This is a problem that should be reported.  I did, and I suggest you all do the same.  They can't fix what they are unaware of..