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    hi i havent been on this for a while. yes i swaped my phone as the invalid sim got worse and worse then my signal was poor and 3g didnt exist i have tried everything myself everything in this forum i had already done with no success so i went in phoned apple tech support and they booked me in with genius bar at local apple store and told them everything and they gave me a new phone straight away i was in and out in 15mins and this was roughly 3weeks ago and i have had no problems at all full signal most of time always have 3g and no sim problems at all i would reccomend just swap your phone. i can see where the other members are coming from and they are so helpfull but it shouldnt have to be done i now 100% fully trust my iphone 4s.

    here is my tip only one step hopefully it works

    STEP 1..



    ps my phone had signal when i handed it in and sim was working but i had screen shots of the message ie press and hold power and home button together for split second.

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    Thank you


    i can't work without wifi or when out 3g mobile - so trying to get stability without these is effectively useless, alas




    thank you for your phone swap info - looks like i'll be heading to an apple store - hope they'll have stock. Have been taking screen shots, too, of the failures. WIll do more to have the series.


    Glad to hear that this, as a solution, worked for you and you've not had a recurrence.


    i've been loath to believe this is a hardware thing. Guess it is sufficiently hardware to cause the problem.


    Apple store. week after christmas. ugh. oh well - as long as there's a solution...will wipe the phone at the store with the reset, i guess


    many thanks again


    Thank you,




    ps - i do think the data over the network is involved: the sim failure from keeping 3g data off has meant much longer periods between fails, but agreed jannee that is not a fix; in fact, it rather *****.


    best of the day to all

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    Just as a follow up


    allow me to quote from another thread where i've posted



    as per the council above on swapping phones, this seems to be a working solution:

    i called the express lane at apple to create a case, an apple person phoned me back at the appointed time, agreed that the only thing for it if the upgraded firmware did not work, would be to go swap the phone.


    Yesterday with a scheduled genius appt, it took about 10 mins to get the phone swapped. no fuss no muss.


    went home and upgraded to 5.0.1 - no problems. The firmware is still 405, not the tweaked 406, but since the phone is behaving appropriately, don't see why need to do another full restore.


    The model i have now is md261b - i'm sorry i didn't think to check models - so i don't know what the previous one was, but it had a higher serial number (current one that i got starts with a C; the original started with a D)


    I should also note that i was a bit surprised that this is not a "new" phone out of the box but one that has already been "refurbished" by apple - but still under full warranty.



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    Well. Bad news.


    After a couple of weeks without issues - other than the ocasional "fake signal strength indicator", that seemed to be showing up increasingle in the past few days - yesterday I got my first Invalid SIM once again.


    This is the 3rd micro SIM, and again... if all goes according to my previous experiences, it should soon start to get increasingly worse to the point that it shows up several times each day.



    Before I consider sending it back and being replaced it with a refurbished 4S; I'll have to be completely certain that this is a hardware problem... which until now... I'm not really sure. Apple has acknowledged that they have bugs in iOS, by releasing the "silent" update for that reason alone -  but unfortunately it seems it still doesn't fix the real issue.

    And, if this is something that can take weeks to show up... I will be very diffcult to track down.


    All I know is that for a batch of iPhone bought at the same time, I have 2 that experiencing this problem, on the same network (Vodafone), and with Apple approved SIMs. And there are 2 other friends, with different operators, that say they haven't had any problem so far.

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    See also and give feedback to Apple directly, the link to feedback site is:


    Feel free to use copy/amend/whatever the following as you wish:


    Dear Apple,


    I wish to register a strong concern about my iPhone's unpredictable inoperability due to failures somehow associated with it's SIM technology.  For me, I do not consider this just a significant lack of convenience, but a significant safety issue.  Should I need my phone in an emergency situation where it is experiencing  a SIM FAILURE, I believe the iPhone will have put me at risk.  I would ask you to please give fixing this problem your greatest priority and effort.


    Sincerely, XXXX

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    i hope that i am able to use my iPhone 4s

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    Oh man. I'm still good *knock on wood* after the OS update, but like I said earlier somewhere in this thread, I'm not holding my breath. Mind you, I have NOT changed my SIM card. I have only changed my 4S.

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    Almost a month, and only silence from Apple... if we sum all the forums, there are more than 100,000 views... it´s not enough for you? Have you ever considered that is the same number of Apple fans that, at this moment, are considering not get any other Apple product? It doesn´t matter to you?

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    hello, i wrote the same post in another thread as well, sorry about that...


    hello everyone,


    i had the same issue, very frustrating...I tried everything on the web to resolve this, luck. I resulted to the idea to just downgrade to ios5.0, which to my surprise opened another Pandora's box and ended up as not possible...


    Actually with the ios 5.0.1 the 5 version it was happening sporadically, but with the 6 version it was constantly off, I literally could not use the phone, so i started to use the old 3g iPhone...and that worked with the same card just fine, some people were saying to get the sim replaced, so i did that...

    I realized that i had smart sim 64E and got it replaced with smart sim 128a. Since the exchange my phone is working just fine on ios 5.0.1 no drops nothing. So I am happy, at least so far, touch wood and it is a week...


    for me the biggest disappointment apple yet...this caused me a lot of rubbish time...


    so what i wanted to say is that it is apparently sim card issue, not phone issue, that is probably why is apple silent about this...


    anyway, upgrading the software to the new 5.0.1 resolves nothing about the sim drops, in fact it makes it even worse. nor all the silly step by step guides do this and that three times change the pin...and put in airplane mode and I said silly.


    So first of all get a 128 k-whatever that is smart sim, and then update the phone, and if you're still not lucky, then my advise is of no use to you, sorry...


    so to avoid this stick to ios 5.0, or get a smart sim 128k...


    marry Christmas

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    recently i got new (replaced) iphone 4S 64GB

    and it works with my OLD and CUT SIM card no problem!!!

    not like my previous experiences


    Just ask Apple to change your iDevice!


    and battery lasts much longer than my previous iPhone 4

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    it looks like i am left with the only option of changing the device:/

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    I bought my 4S in singapore last month and since I upgraded it to the newer ios, its keep give invalid sim error.


    Anyone know whether I can change the Iphone 4S that I bought in singapore into Hongkong store?



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    You should consult with apple. Check out the express lane on 's website. I found that very easy. They called me within 15-20 mins.

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    bought an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.01 (Singapore) a couple of weeks ago.


    encountered "Invalid SIM" 4 times already! I swapped SIM card with my ipad, and I'm still getting the same problem.


    Can anyone clarify if this is a HARDWARE or SOFTWARE problem?


    I'll be damned if its a hardware problem AGAIN! Have to waste time traveling to apple care, backup/restore and money for new screen protector.


    Every of my Apple product - iphone 3G, iphone 4, ipad 2 HAD BEEN exchanged before due to hardware problems.


    Frustration aside, of all the problems this "Invalid SIM" problem is the most unacceptable - risk of losing telecommunications at dire situations.


    I hope to hear an explanation from Apple, besides having me to exchange a set again (in which we don't know if problem is fixed).

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