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  • eightbelow Level 1 (0 points)

    5.1 works really well for my 4s. now no more invalid sim. battery life has improved significantly. thanks apple.

  • sheffie7007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have upgraded overnight and having never had a problem now have no sim card error...  so thanks apple, 6 in the morning here, and now no phone.


    Any suggestions for a fix?

  • Cris T Level 1 (0 points)



    When you restart your phone normely it must be working again...


    Maby for now you can reset/factory..the iphone with itunes,i think the problem will be over then!!(for now)


    En wait for a newer fursion to update the iphone again !!


    Good luck!!   Gr , cris


    P.s.i now what it's like,i had this problem too,bud update 5.1. Worked for me, for the last 6days( crossing my fingers).

  • Mwhatse Level 1 (10 points)

    You can try follwoing this article Make sure you are updated to the 5.1 update. If you're already updated you can try restarting your phone as well and resetting network settings under settings>general>Reset>Reset network settings

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    Im currently in my own battle with the invalid sim message.  3 phones later and soon to be 3 sim cards, still no resolution.  Im seriously considering cancelling my carrier contract.  I don't need this much hassle from a phone.  Has anyone had any success at cancelling their contract??

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    i have a 32GB 3GS that i brought off a friend, he was on Orange (uk) which is the same carrier i use, he brought the phone brand new and it was running 4.3.5, he upgraded to 5.0.0 for me the day before i brought it and it worked fine. iTunes popped up with a message last night telling me to update to 5.0.1, so i proceeded and got the 'SIM not valid. please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone to activate.' I downgraded back down to 4.3.5 hoping i would solve this issue, and instead i got a 'connection with iTunes sever timed out. if problem persists please contact apple.' and its not detecting ANY sim card, ive tried two 3G on Orange and a 3G O2.Same issues. So i was just wondering, has anyone else had that problem and are the solutions that arent going to cost me too much, i spent £200 on the phone only two weeks ago. Many thanks.

  • Mwhatse Level 1 (10 points)

    And this is a 3Gs phone??? You are using an orange sim card (carrier)? So it seems as tho it may have been unlocked. Cause down grading a firmware is definitely not supported by apple. Using a sim card from the carrier in which the device is locked to should resolve that issue.

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    Well last night I decided to back upmy data and do a full restore.  Data backed up fine, but after the restore I got the "Please insert a valid sim card with no simlock" message.


    The iphone would not recognise any sim card I put in it and therefore I was left essentially with a brick.


    I made an appointment with the Genius bar today at 1640, and within 10 mins of having been seen I walked out with a new (well most likely refurbished) 4S.  Its currently copying all my files back over, but hopefully this should be fine now.


    We will wait and see!

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    Dear all,


    I had upgraded my iOS to 5.1 in my IP4S and since then (2 weeks), there is no invalid sims. The phone is perfect and no more headach. I even changed the sim with another sim to check if it get the error.

    Even with new sim it performs perfectly. I bought my phone in Saudi Arabia and using in Oman. Factory unlocked phone. I even checked all its applications like AppleTV, Wifi, Internet, 3G data , Keynote presentations etc. everything fine now.


    I am happy at last with my IP4S. Thanks Apple.


    Sathya Moorthy, Muscat

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    hi all

    I live in Uk. been reading from start. and for some to be honest. I WENT TO SLEEP.


    I have an iPhone 4s 64 GB unlocked. I have been getting errors from the day I entered my talkmobile sim card. I also like to use another sim car a BT sim card and some times I put GiffGaff sim card.


    Few days ago the error from my sim card gone and replaced with Invlaid Sim Card. Exactly how you guys describe. However I didnt see a resloution in your comments.


    So here is Mine..


    Settings/General/Rest/Reset network Settings. That worked ok for me. so far no issues.

    Still IOS 5.01.


    I even put my original sim card and dont have the sim error that I originally got.


    Just wondering if you guys tried this?

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    It's highly recommended you upgrade to iOS 5.1... as that also has -finally- fixed the issue for most of us.

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    guess then no one tried the Resting the Network Settings.


    I will upgrade to 5.1 if I think its good for me. My iphone 3gs 32GB, iPhone 4 16GB and iphone 4s 64 GB all on IOS 5.01, working well


    and so far not impressed with some feedback on some users with IOS 5.1.


    If this Invalid Sim returns then I guess I will diffently be forced to take it up to the next IOS. But at this moment all working. No change required and since no real beneift I dont want it.

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    I tried the reset of the network settings, as well as full reset and restore... and it never fixed the problem for long.

    Sometimes it went fine for another couple of days, but the issues returned.


    Since the 5.1 I've never had a single dropout... although i do notice that in the most critical areas, the signal bars drop and return to normal several times. As for the invalid SIM... also gone.

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    ok ok .. I WAS BLODY WRONG. I just got the sill invalid sim again.


    Guess have to upgrade to a new IOS.... APPLE CHECK YOUR IOS before ship[ping it.


    Dam i hope there is no more issues.



    Seriously I wish there is another way,.,.....

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    I am also having this issue. I cannot use my phone!! I run a business and i rely on my phone a great deal. I'm really getting disgusted with this whole situation. This is my first experience with apple products and it is definitely NOT a good one.