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    Changing hardware (get a new 4S), changing new Micro SIM card also no use. All don't bother doing this anymore. When Apple will response to this problem? Why isn't any indication or apologise from Apple. Will Apple see or read this forum? I'm sure they are. Why made end user keep writing in and disappointed? Tell us the problem and solution then we will wait. Don't make all your customer try this and try that, waste their time go down to technical support centre, queue for 30mins, change hardware and Carrier centre change a new Micro SIM card yet still facing same problem.

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    This most likely will work for guys, who have Touch 4s, that means for those of you who make a call and lose signal after that. This is not solution for guys who can call,but sometimes get Invalid SIM error (I have not tested it for so long yet to be sure that I won’t get this error, then probably it may help you too).


    I won't copy all solution in every topic so just check my message in this link:


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    My operator is also shipping me some SIMs to try out, but as for the old ones working ok, that's might not be the whole truth. My SIM card was one with several years, that I cut myself for when I got the iPhone 4, and had worked fine with both the older 3GS, and the iPhone 4 for over 2 years. In the 4S it worked fine for nearly a month before starting with issues. And the new microSIM they got me worked fine for 3 or 4 days before getting increasingly worse.


    More so, a friend of mine that had no problem until a few days ago (in similar situation), had his 4S working perfectly fine... and is now also experiencing increasingly Invalid SIM errors. First one every couple of days, then every day, then more than once a day.


    Although this seems to show there's indeed something fishy going on with the 4S's, some other suspicions arise that may explain why this doesn't happen more. My friend suspected the invalid SIM only popped up when he was in a low signal area (just one bar), so one night he left his phone in a better reception place of his home, and he didn't get the invalid SIM the morning after as usual.


    Again, this doesn't explain while both our iPhone 4S worked just fine for weeks (in the exact same spots), and only after that kept getting worse... but, maybe someone else might want to try to figure out if there's any relation with that.

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    Wow, lucky you than if you were able to make some calls before problem started. I had ipod 4s from the day I unboxed it and now it can call so right now I feel like its something like second time when I unbox 4s . Well I will report if I will get Invalid SIM problem in future, maybe two anntennas makes SIM card to wear out extremely fast, maybe something else. I hope that this is fixable software problem. At least now I can work with my phone.

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    This is how it is/was for me. I had it for a good month, if not longer, before it started. Also, this is a new sim card. I upgraded from a 3gs to a 4s at Apple. When I went in for the issue the other day, I asked about the sim cards and they said that they put a new one in (I haven't verified).


    It's just really weird. *knock on wood* I've been good since my full software restore done at Apple on Monday.

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    hello again got my new replacement 4s today at the apple genius bar the apple guy was good but had never heard of the error before?? and did a hardware check that showed nothing suspicious so far so good ive had no invalid sim sim failure errors and no signall drops so far i have the phone back in my iPhone how long for i am not sure time will tell i will keep you updated if i get any invalid errors??



    APPLE please read these threads and aknowledge us we need answers from you not a genius worker that hasnt heard of the problem before!!!!

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    Fellow users after much investigating into this same issue I get. Here are my findings:


    1. Sim Pin is a difinate battery kill & instigator of invalid sim fault.


    2. It seems to be called up by phone lock after some elapsed time in lock mode when in airplane mode, charger or none.


    3. A power off will always set it straight till next event occurs.


    4. Here is the surprise which linked it all when I saw it. When it goes to invalid sim mode and you look at settings, phone, in sim pin menu... You will see sim pin is on!!! Even though you had it turned off... Sliding it to toggle it off has no effect, it stays on.... When you then just turn off, hold power until slider to switch off comes up then slide off; then upon power up go to same sim pin menu you will see it is now off just as you had set it... This was the aha moment!




    To keep prying hands/eyes keep it in your pocket always... Hide it at night and use your old iPhone as the alarm clock(or just a good old alarm clock like grandmas) and backup mp3/video player. Personal hotspot helps get the Internet on your old sim card less iPhone, or itouch etc.  mine is locked in my pinball and charges off the internal 240v plug into which the charger is plugged.





    For now I guess leaving it unlocked is more palatable than having missed calls and multiple reboots... So there yo are..

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    I've had the iPhone 4S since October, and the "SIM FAILURE" problem started 2 weeks ago...


    And it's increasing. It happened one day... then another.... then it happened twice in the same day...


    and now it happens often, twice a day mainly, and also the iPhone says there's network, and the 3G icon and full bars are displayed, but i can't receive or make any calls, and there's no data also.


    Airplane mode on and off... and it comes online... if i'm lucky....


    When SIM FAILURE appears, i have to reboot the phone, everytime.


    I hope this gets fixed real soon.

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    I just got my 4S replaced because of it. So we'll see. I print screened the failure note to show them.

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    Well. Here I am. 8 hours after getting a new 4S and now I've got SIM failure, invalid SIM AND a new one: no SIM installed.


    I'm ready to cry. This is insane.

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    Hello looks like the new QC modem is not supporting certain kind of SIM cards or having "SIM bounce" issue with them. I used to get INVALID SIM 4-5 times a day. But since yesterday, my operator replaced my SIM with another one having a 4G network support and now I'm not facing any issue.


    Earlier I'd posted that a Full Restore worked for me. It actually did for 3-4 days and the issue came back once I restarted the phone.


    These are the few issues which got RESOLVED with my new SIM card :

    - Multiple retry to enter for SIM PIN.

    - No SIM PIN enable/disable operation

    - No signal but I was able to browse.

    - Invalid SIM 4-5 times a day.


    Keeping my finger crossed........

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    Sorry to hear that, but in a way, it's good news - as it points to really being a software issue and not really a hardware problem.


    As for all the methods presented by other answers here, I can attest that none work! I've tried it all, Pin, no pin, tape, no tape, etc. etc.


    The other day I got suspicious, because in a time where I could guarantee I'd have a 3G indicator but no 3G data, signal dropped down to GPRS (the circle indicator), and I had data (albeit at its incredibly slow rate).

    In the previous iOS we cold turn off 3G, and that could help narrow down the issue... but in iOS5 there's no way to try it out.


    Anyway, I just got new SIMs that Vodafone is confident that will fix the issue.


    Keeping my fingers crossed, will report back tomorrow.

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    I had a similar issue, I tried 3 different SIM cards with no luck, but what was common between all 3 cards is they were converted to micro using a sim cutter.


    I went to my carrier and got a new micro sim, and the phone is working perfectly.. No network drops, no call failed and no invalid sim any more.

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    Status update:


    I got a new microSIM card from Vodafone, and it's going on for nearly a day without SIM Failure (including waking up and having a working iPhone, which is "a miracle", considering that for the past 30 days, I've been greeted by the Invalid SIM message every single day).


    This doesn't mean much - yet - as my previous micro SIM also worked fine for 3 or 4 days - and the one before worked fine for nearly a month before developing the Invalid SIM issues, that then got worse every day. But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



    However, even without a Invalid SIM, me - and other friend in the same situation that also got a new MicroSIM - have already both experienced the "other" issue: of losing data connection even though the iPhone shows full 3G signal - which then prompts a "no bars->searching->back to normal" cycle.


    I suspect this might be another issue - perhaps not even directly related to the invalid SIM problem. At least, there are reports that operators in Australia are working on fixing this issue, maybe via a carrier update... Which I hope will also be propagated to the rest of the world...


    For the record:I still think these are inadmissible bugs, particularly considering that Apple has had iPhones on the market for years now, and users shouldn't be required to endure these kind of issues. Not only we're doing their "debug" work... but rather than being compensated for these annoyances, we've actually *paid* for it. At least in here, iPhones 4S are still quite expensive (bought in Europe, without contract)!

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    I've got an iPhone4S 64GB and I've trying everyng to make it works, from completely restore (3 times) to some miracle things in a hope that it get better.

    There is something that I did that makes my iPhone works better. I can't say it's a solution, but have a positive impact so far:


    Change the PIN (4 digits password)


    To do thisgo to Settings, Phone, SIM PIN, Turn on SIM PIN, them enter your actual pin, than Change PIN and if you want turn SIM PIN of again.

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