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    hello again if you read the previous pages you will know i got my 4s replaced for a new one becouse of the invalid sim error i was getting i used to get this a few times a week then every day all the way to 9 times a day i have tried everything mention but nothing worked for long i upgraded to 5.0.1 wihich did nothing i had 3 new sims and still no good ive also had an orange technical support guy saying its either software or the sim and an apple tech support guy saying its possibly a hardware problem with the genius bar guy testing it for hardware prblems and came back clean.

    Anyway nearly a week now (on my new replacement apple iphone4s ios 5.0.1) and not one invalid sim error at all and ive been in the exact same places that i used to call the invalled zone!! so i strongly recommend if you can get a genius bar appointment at closest apple store and get a new phone you have 1year warranty it costs nothing (maybe the journey to apple shop?).

    if i do get an invalid error i will post back and let you all know as it could still happen???

    good luck to you all

    remember they work for you not you for the!


  • momneedscoffee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi! I posted on Tuesday that I got a new 4s and 8 hours after I got it, I got invalid SIM, SIM failure and no SIM installed. I hope yours lasts longer. My next step is a new SIM going directly to AT&T as I've only been dealing with Apple thus far.

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    From what I could find out, digging on the internet, there's just a small set of approved SIM manufacturers that are "Apple-approved". And phone operators often use cheaper manufacturers that are not officialy approved - but that have worked just fine until now.


    The trick is to get a micro SIM that happens to be from an approved manufacturer so that any incident can finally be reported officialy back to Apple. If using a non-approved SIM, Apple won't even acknowledge there's a problem on their side.

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    I have not got my 4S yet (Boxing day can't come quick enough!!) but on Tuesday I am going down to T-Mobile (Live in the UK by the way) to get my current sim switched over for a micro sim. They are bringing everything over, including plan and number. Anyway, thats beside the point, my point is, I spoke to T-Mobile the other day and asked them about any sim problems, they said no. Not one return of an iPhone because of it. But they have specific micro sim cards that work with iPhone. So, I'll see how it goes but I love T-Mobile and trust them.

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    It's a miracle, Apple really did notice us. New updated iOS 5.0.1 that fixes the Invalid SIM issue! (don't know why they didn't push it via air update nor even changed the version number)


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    Have you tried it, ptnik? I just saw this post so I havent had a chance to follow the instructions just yet. But even if it doesn't fix it (though I'm hoping it does!) at least it's on the radar.

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    They want you to use iTunes to ensure a proper update since with a invalid SIM card on some carriers you may have issues.



    best of luck and thanks.

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    In progress as we speak.


    Not that I have experienced an Invalid SIM since I switched for a new one (for the 2nd time)... But I still noticed a couple of dropped cell signal in areas where it shouldnt.


    Will update and see if it works flawlessly for a couple of weeks a t least - to really be sure the problem's gone.

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    I performed the system update 5.0.1 9A406 says here
    but the problem remains unchanged, still can use my iphone
    Some might solve the problem?

  • kirill204 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    the same situation! 9A406 didn't help

  • romanfromdoral Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I performed the system update 5.0.1 9A406, but still I have the same problem.

    Hope they fix it soon, because It is very unconfortable to turn off and on the iPhone several times a day.

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    I updated mine, and have had no issues since.


    However, I'm inclined to believe this is mostly due to the new microSIM than the update itself.


    As a "test-case" my friend that was experiencing the same issues decided *not* to upgrade (but also use the new microSIM), and so far he too has not experienced any issue -meaning, its more than likely that in our case, it was the microSIM that fixed it, and that the update may have fixed some cases, but not all... we stated in several complaints in the forums.

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    Well, lol, I have my original SIM and updated (along with a new phone, which I did get the error on) and I've been good *knock on wood*.


    It is disappointing to see that others have updated and it didn't help. Now I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop constantly (like there isn't enough on my mind without having to worry if my $$$ phone is working!).

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    From Mexico: the 9A406 didn´t work! I get my phone from Telcel... so I think I´ll try to change it as someone else suggested. Apple support "washed their hands" because I get the phone directly from the provider. Why nobody recognizes "officially" that this problem exists?

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    Finally i got this problem fixed i think its from the baseband or a bug including from ios 5.0.1 one friend he fixed it for me and he is an expert in iphone but he didn't tell me how he made it but really all the day i am trying it and no problem happen and good signal and it workssssss

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