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    I am having the same problem "Invalid SIM" on my brand new iPhone 4S from Croatia (VIPNET operator), I think this has got something to do with the user unable to turn of 3G signal. 3G signal is very weak here and after a while phone just reports "invalid SIM" message. I will try to download the update to 5.0.1 and will report the results.

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    Hi frnds...


    If you have done a Full Restore using iTunes, please restart or turn ON/OFF  Airplane mode multiple times to see if it is still working for you. I did a Restore and it worked for me, but when I restared teh phone, faced the same issue of Invalid SIM.


    I strongly feel that the issue is not with network or location or the SIM card. It is the SIM electrical interface/communication channel of the  iPhone 4S. The difference between 4 and 4S is the modem chipset which also handleing the SIM interface. In 4S, it is a QC stack and it looks like, it is not supporting older SIM chips (or certain kind of chip).


    Only change of the SIM card will not resolve the issue. I'm trying to figure out what kind of  chip my SIM card has. It supports 4G network also. After changing the SIM card, it has been more than one week,  I've not faced any issue.


    SIM bounce is a typical technical problem which is very difficult to resolve. In this case, the SIM will stop to respond, but the system will still detect the SIM. I think, this is what happening in this case.

  • vikunj bareja Level 1 (0 points)

    5.0.1 (9a406) is still having sim problems it works for 5-6 hrs perfectly nd den again it shows the sim failure .. ! *** is this ? atleast this is nt expexted from apple.hope they fix the problem soon .!

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    Not that I don't believe you guys, but you're all absolutely certain you're on 9a406? I'm on it and have not had the SIM issue since.


    Is there anyone else on AT&T in this thread? I'm in the US also.


    Wondering if there are other things at play as well.

  • Jiri Cervenka Level 1 (0 points)

    I believe them since it’s exactly what I have here – have upgraded to the latest build but the „Invalid SIM“ plague keeps apperaring overnight.


    I contacted Apple care and was told they would give me a new phone. I still belive it is a firmware-related issue, though.

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    My 32gb iPhone 4s has had this problem from day one. The update to version 9A406 of 5.0.1 seems to make the problem even worse for me! I've had the invalid sim message at least 10 times today.


    Doing a factory reset seems to make the problem go away for about 24 hours but it always comes back. I have to say that both Orange and Apple telephone support have been next to useless and have pretty much denied that any problem exists.

  • momneedscoffee Level 1 (0 points)

    The new phone did nothing for me. Just the 9A406 update fixed me thus far. It's been a few days now, which is why I asked. I'm also curious about carriers and locations - perhaps that comes into play as well.

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    I believe that we must make this public, so Apple will hear us and fix it.

    Let´s put this on twitter, Facebook, etc.

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    Agree with the idea of make it public. I´m not a Twitter expert, but if we could make this a ¿TT?, maybe Apple will speed up the things! Yesterday I change my SIM, and today, early in the morning, again the same, annoying "Invalid SIM" message! Help!

  • patrickfromorpington Level 1 (0 points)

    twitter tag #invalidsim and #iphone - that's what I've just used.

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    I've done the second change of model, the first because of theyellow screen issue and came with the SIM card. changed and thatnow is not the problem, but ALL are with the yellow screen.




  • jose geraldo Level 1 (0 points)

    Great. Let´s use that! Let's make some noise.

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    Well, Apple has already acknowledged there's an issue. The 9A406 was exactly for "fixing invalid SIM problems", and indeed it did seem to work for some.


    But we can see there's still lots more to be done - not only for the remaining Invalid SIM issues, but for the lost connection as well.


    Even with a Apple approved microSIM, and although I have stopped receiving Invalid SIM errors, I still get a fake signal indicator from time to time (every 2 or 3 days). It says it has 3G connection, but I get no data, and trying to make a phone call results in call failed (takes 15 or 20s to "fail"), and only then the iPhone drops the signal indicator, goes to network search mode, and comes back online again.


    Meaning: I think the 4S has ruined the trust I had in cellphones, thay showing a "signal bar" was enough to know if we were connected or not. Ever since I got the first 4S issues, I can no longer rely on that, and have to constantly ring someone, or use a data connection, to see if my iPhone is "alive" or not...


    It's unbelievable...

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    Well re my last post. Was I wrong no fix..... But now been soaking test for two days and.. Seems fixed, will try 3G enabled tomorrow report comming soon on that. Still leaving phone lock pin off. Testing with location services active today! So far all good. I have been trying to tickle it to failure and here is what I found.


    1. Enable sim pin chane pin nr then change back then leave it on. No failure! Turn sim pin off, leave screen up then turn phone off... Wait and wait 2 hr in this case and fail!


    2. In this state I tried to turn off sim pin switch and it worked! Normally when invalid sim pops up and I go tho phone/simpin settings it shows pin on but sliding results in no response. Note I had sim pin OFF  and after failure it's switched on and greyed out!


    3. Today I came home and tried to instigate failure.. Turned off sim pin, then turned it on again. Then changed pin nr, but, last night I did that and put in a nr that was not memorized; so I got the wrong pin nr so... The attempts left counter decrements and surprise not by one but by two!! Instead of two tries left I only had one left!! This was the aha moment as to why the fix is to enable your sim pin( this caused issues in 5.0). The reason is the sim is resetting and it demands pin nr but never asks user for nr. If sim pin is off the phone must give some four digit code which fails and bam invalid sim. Now I am certain that this is it cause, remember I have one attempt left now to unlock my sim card; so I tested it with a bogus nr to force it to lock till puk mustbe entered. Got puk hours later( feed, bath and read story put kids to bed)  put code in and it said unlocking.... Wait an hr still unlocking! Switch off and then switch on phone, worked.


    So turn on sim PIN Change to your favorite pin nr then enjoy. Ps have not had failure excepted for puk induction test described above. Now running battery to zero, meaning till phone just self powers off then will recharge.. Should calibrate my batt meter too. FIX IT-TURN ON SIM PIN but it's not total confirmed yet. If I get 48 hrs including recharge ing and no fail then me thinks it's good will test for three more days and post success or fail so keep your eyes open

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