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I have a school distributed iPad and they gave us the freedom to put music on it. However, when I plug in my iPad into my PC, an error message comes up and says, 'iPad is supervised by another computer and cannot be used with this computer,' and then won't let me do anything else with it, so I can't sync music to my iPad. The iPad doesn't show up under devices or anything. Help!


So far I've tried logging in on both my iPad and PC with my iTunes account, turned on home sharing on both devices, turned on iPad to automatically download music from other devices, and downloaded a free song on my iPad (I hoped it would trigger something).

iPad 2, Windows Vista
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    Did you ever figure out how to do this?  I'm experiencing the same issue.

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    I am having the same problem ever since I updated to iTunes 10.7.  Our district sets up the original device and then sends them out to campuses. This hasn't happened before for me.  Usually it just asks you to login to your iTunes account and authorize the computer.

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    I also seem to be having this problem. I've tried what you have done but nothing helps. Please tell me if you, or anyone, do solve it.

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    Having the same problem with my apps after the tech guys "updated" my ipad and handed it back to me with NOTHING on it.  I lost 6 months of data collection on my students!  If anyone figures out how to fix this please help.

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    Supervision Mode seems to embed itself into the operating system. In Apple Configurator, I had to unassign myself from the iPad. That restarts the iPad. This is something your IT Administrator has to do, but I doubt they will take it out of Supervisor mode as that means the devices can be stolen and used by anyone.


    You are getting this error message?




    Someone, your IT Administrator, used Apple Configurator to lock down your device and turned on "Supervision" in Apple Configurator: