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I recently imported my iPhoto library into Aperature.


I'd now like to create a series of projects for each year of photos, i.e., 2002, 2003, 2004, etc.  Inside these main projects, I'd like to create a series of smart albums for each month, i.e., August, and make the rule "date is in the range" and then incorporate each date range as 08/01/2002 to 08/31/2002.  When I create the smart albums, however, no photos appear in them, even though I can see the photos in the iPhoto folders.


I created the main project and then created a smart album inside the main project.  Can someone let me know what I might be doing wrong?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    A few thinks to check:


    Make sure the Source: setting in the smart album is set to the correct path and selected.

    Make sure there is nothing else in the smart album filter but the calendar setting.

    Make sure the smart album is really below and 'in' the project you are trying to filter.


    Other then those it should work.

  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    Thanks.  Source is Library 2002, so I think that is ocrrect.


    Date is only setting (except Rating-can't delete).


    Smart album really is in and below the project.


    Does not work.


    I can create the album outside the 2002 project box and then drag it in-but then, when I look at the library projects all there is is a blank box (as opposed to the thumbnails you can click on) and when I click on the project itself in the main browser window, the box is empty.


    Other ideas?

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Probably not.  Is it possible that "Library 2002" is in fact two separate sources, "Library" and "2002"?


    Click "Library" to select it.


    Any Images show up?


    Using the container "Projects" for this task can cause confusion.  Any reason not to use Folders, e.g.: "2002", "2003", "2004"?


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  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    Yes, Library and 2002 are two separate sources.  I clicked on Library when creating the smart album and this time the smart album created in the 2002 project folder.


    However, when I go back to Library, the thumbnail area is still blank and when I click on it there are no images.


    If I return to the project and click on the smart album within the project, the images appear.


    If I return to the project and click on the project box, no images appear.


    When I click on my other projects that were created by direct camera imports-the images appear.


    The images I'm trying to work with now are images I imported from iPhoto.


    I'd like use projects for years instead of folders if I can, but if you think it's not possible, then I will go back to folders.


    Maybe I'm finding the library structure confusing because all events come in as projects and are listed as projects and I'd like my iPhoto library to be mirrored in this structure.



  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    lsb wrote:


    Thanks.  Source is Library 2002, so I think that is ocrrect.

    That is actually two seperate enteies, the entire Library and then the project 2002.


    Date is only setting (except Rating-can't delete).


    For what you are doing you should be selecting Calendar not Date. Date gives a range like today or in the last week, Calendar will allow you to select the month.



    Other ideas?

    A screen shot similar to this


    Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 14.29.23.png


    so we can see exactly what you are doing would help.

  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 7.48.39 PM.pngSo I've tried it again with Calendar and it works, but only in putting the photos in the smart album-I still can't see them in the actual 2002 project or in the Library thumbnails.  I hope these shots help.


    Thanks!Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 7.51.09 PM.png

  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    And an image of the project folder-no photos.Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 7.55.30 PM.png

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    There are no photos in the project? The smart albums won't show anything in this case.

  • léonie Level 10 (91,124 points)

    If you want to write a date in a "Date is in the range" rule, I found the only format that Aperture interprets correctly is to write the dates something like:


    Jan 21, 2010  to Jun 21, 2011


    and not in the format: 08/01/2002 to 08/31/2002

  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    OH, so perhaps I am going about this the wrong way then.  If I want to have a project which holds all my photos from the year 2002 is this how I should do it:


    1) Create 2002 project


    2) Then create smart albums from this main project


    If this is how the photos should be structured what might be the best way to import all the photos into the project-drag from my imported iPhoto library?  Set up rules for the project (haven't figured out if this is possible yet)?


    Thanks a million (and for the date info as well)-this is very helpful!

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Hi.  What you are seeing is the normal behavior of Aperture.  Your Project holds no Images of it's own.  That is why Projects View shows it as empty.


    Projects aren't meant to be used as empty holders for other containers.  Using Folders for this function will likely work better for you.


    Even with Folders, though, you won't see Images that show in the Smart Folders contained in your Folder when you select that Folder.  Aperture shows Smart Folder contents only when you select it (or them).


    You might find this concise guide I posted helpful at this point.


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  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    Thanks, Kirby, Frank, and LeonieDF!


    I will take a close look at the guide and get my head around the Aperture structure, which is where I think I'm having trouble.  Thanks for everything-I'm sure I'll be back with more questions once I start working, but all your responses have been a great help

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    I suggest this additional distinction between Projects and Albums as you work out a structure that meets your needs.


    • The Project should reflect when and where the photo was taken (and is not used to indicate how the Image will be used or published).
    • Albums should be based on how the Image will be used or published (not strictlyu on where or when the photo was taken).


    Use Projects to organinize inputs.  Use Albums to organize outputs.  Use Folders to organize Projects and Albums.


    If you provide some more information regarding what your needs are, I'm sure you'll receive applicable, useful advice.


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  • lsb Level 1 (120 points)

    Thanks again-that makes sense.


    Ideally, I like to keep my photos organized by month and year (this is what I did in iPhoto).  For example, I prefer a master folder/project titled by year, i.e., 2011, and then I have the subfolders titled January, February, March, April...


    From this organizational structure, I then create separate albums for specific events.


    Any advice on how to generate an organizational structure like this with my imported iPhoto library, I'd appreciate it.


    Alternatively, if I should just leave my iPhoto library as is and generate a new structure-happy to hear thoughts on that too.


    Thanks in advance!

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