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     My touch screen on the 4 is nowhere near as accurate or sensitive as my 3Gs.  It looks fantastic but I am constantly missing letters and fat fingering them or having to touch a letter 2 or 3 times sometimes to get it right.  My 3Gs was flawless.  Every one I had typed extremely well and I got to where I could type really fast on it.


     I didint just all the sudden start sucking at typing when I got the 4.  My question is... has anyone else experienced this and tried taking the screen protector off to see if it makes a difference?


     I would consider not using my incipio screen protector (which is and always has been perfection) if I thought it would make a difference.  Maybe the new glass doesn't work quite as well as the old simpler design when u have a screen protector on it?


@fanboys... please do not respond with anecdotes of your perfection.  I really don't care what u think.  I really dig apple but if I'm having an issue I'm gonna discuss it.  I do not care if ur phone works perfect or not.

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    Im experiencing the same issue with my iphone 4 but it didnt start until I updated my software to iOS 5.0.1.  Not sure if that is the actual cause of problem but it seems that way.  I don't think the screen protector would affect the sensitivity but who knows.  It is frustrating though especially when you're trying to type fast or playing games that require speed.