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tinafromog Level 1 Level 1

I'm having issues syncing my iphone 4s with ical - when i put events on ical it syncs to the phone, yet when I put events on the phone, it doesn't show up on ical when I sync.  I've tried usb and "wireless" syncing, yet neither seems to work.  Does anyone have a suggestion for this issue?

thank you!

  • LBB18 Level 1 Level 1

    I've having the same exact problem.  HELP!

  • LBB18 Level 1 Level 1

    Got it now from another reply.

    I went to Settings on my iphone, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    Scroll down to Calendars and Default Calendar.  Check Home under "From My Mac".  I had  Home under "Mac" checked initially. 

  • RNdeni Level 1 Level 1

    I need help!! On my Iphone 4s.. I looked under Default Calendar & I don't have "From my Mac" or "Mac".. I only have the my calendar categories I have made...


    I don't know what to do & my calandar from my phone isn't syncing.. But events that I put in on my computer sync to my phone fine....


    OMG!! I'm so frustrated!!

  • LBB18 Level 1 Level 1

    Then try changing the calendar catagories that you created on your iphone under Default Calendar.  That's where my problem was.

  • uvajeD Level 1 Level 1

    My problem was that I was not seeing older events.  So I went to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and under "sync" in calenders, I had "Events 2 Weeks back" checked.  I changed this to "All Events" and my old appointments then showed up.

  • metal_babe Level 1 Level 1

    Ugh, my calendar was syncing just fine (in both directions) for more than a year, but just stopped (before the latest software update).  I have an iPhone 4S and have not changed my calendar categories or default calendar settings.  I do have custom categories.  Does anyone have a solution?  I have already missed two appointments and am losing my mind!  Please help.

  • cleobald Level 1 Level 1

    I missed an important appointment today for this same reason. Everything was working fine, in sync, until I upgraded to Lion. This is only one of MANY problems I've had with Lion and iCloud. I have an iMac, a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, and have been losing my mind trying to get email and calendars working among them all the way it all worked with MobileMe. I don't see any solutions here. Does Apple even read these things?

  • tinafromog Level 1 Level 1

    I finally got it to work using iCloud I had to make sure the wifi was the same as my computer.  Hope this helps.

  • RNdeni Level 1 Level 1

    All of a sudden it started to sync again... I didn't do anything & now it works fine!!

  • digitalgraces Level 1 Level 1

    I determined that if I started a calendar entry on my iPhone I have to select the correct calendar first then enter the rest of the event data.  Should I change the calendar name after I enter the data, the event won't sync with my iMac despite it appearing on my iPhone.  Strange but it works for me.

  • 3C120 Level 1 Level 1

    -  I had an entry on my iPhone Calendar for Tues, Mar 20

       -  it is flagged as "Calendar"


    -  I updated that entry

          -  changing the date to Wed, Mar 21

          -  adding "Notes"


    -  The updated entry WILL NOT synch into the iCal "Calendar" on my iMac.


    Can anyone please HELP sort this out?



  • electriccowboy Level 1 Level 1

    Use the Help pull down menu from inside iCal. Type 'sync with iphone' in the search field. It worked like a charm. Fixed the issues in minutes. I chose to sync my calander using iTunes (how to listed at bottom of this post).


    Here is what the Help search  feeds back:


    Syncing calendars across multiple computers or devices:

    Syncing is the process of updating and sharing information on different computers or devices. For example, if you have calendars on more than one computer, you can sync them so that each computer has the same, latest information.


    If you have a MobileMe subscription, you can use it to automatically sync your calendars across multiple computers or devices, including an iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don’t have a MobileMe subscription, you can use iTunes to sync with an iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also use iTunes to sync with an iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod mini.


    To automatically sync your calendars across computers or devices using MobileMe:

    Choose iCal > Preferences, click General, and then select the “Synchronize iCal with other computers and devices using MobileMe” checkbox. If the checkbox is dimmed, syncing isn’t turned on.


    To turn on MobileMe syncing:

    Choose iCal > Preferences, click General, and then click MobileMe.

    The Sync pane of MobileMe preferences opens.

    Select the “Synchronize with MobileMe” checkbox, and then select from the pop-up menu how often you want to sync.

    Select the Calendars checkbox.

    To immediately sync your calendars, click Sync Now.

    You can’t use MobileMe to sync a CalDAV or Exchange calendar. You must set up the CalDAV or Exchange accounts on each computer you want to use. To sync your CalDAV calendar with an iPhone that has the iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update, set up the CalDAV account on your iPhone.

    If you set up a MobileMe calendar account in iCal, your MobileMe calendars are already being synced with MobileMe. To view your MobileMe calendars on other computers, set up your MobileMe calendar account on each computer. For more information about MobileMe, visit the MobileMe website.


    To sync your calendars using iTunes:

    With iTunes open, connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer.

    Click the Info tab (or the Contacts tab), and then select the “Sync iCal calendars” checkbox.

    Select whether you want to sync all your calendars or only the calendars you select.

    Select any other options you want, and then click Apply.

    Your calendar information is updated each time you connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer.

  • psuvafan007 Level 1 Level 1

    Consider the following.  I've had same problem.


    #1.  Delete everything related to iCloud - a confusing mess that resutls in redundancies.  Avoid iCloud if possible.  Use 'Back up to this computer'.


    #2. Evidently, I had the "Sync only checked songs and videos" box checked.  Uncheck this.  I interpreted this option to mean that OF THE SONGS AND VIDEOS IN MY LIBRARY, only the checked ones get synced.  Evidently, this logical conclusion may not be correct.  Checking that box may override any calendar syncing! - so literally, one is only syncing checked songs and videos - nothing more. 


    To be honest, the whole iCal experience is a mess.   I've attempted so many changes to get my Calendar syncing again that I may have glossed over something.   Also, the iCal software crashes a lot - reminds me a ot of Microsoft software...

  • Supa-D Level 1 Level 1

    Why would I do that??? I need the different categories of calendars - this is my work phone - I have nine different calendars - one is personal the other 8 are work categories that help me keep track of all the different departments I need to supervise.


    I'm freakin hating this Mac and iPhone  For three years two of my board members swore that my life would change if I switched to a Mac  Yeah it changed alright - we spent nearly $4,000 on the Mac and related stuff, and just to have the same problems that my PC was giving me.  Freezing, crashing, you name it.  Now on the news today I saw that Macs with the 10 operating system are getting viruses FREAKIN GREAT.  If I could return the Mac and get a refund it would be gone.


    For the last week, I've been having problems synching my iPhone to my Mac iCal - I put things in iCal on the Mac but they don't show up on the iphone after I synch. At first I was getting an error message that the phone couldn't be synched because the required file couldn't be found.  So I found a suggested fix - delete the iphoto cache - and that error message disappeared.  However, iCal is still not synching to the iphone.  I have missed meetings and phone conferences becasue of this.  I am fed up.  I am ready to go back to PCs  At least then I know how to use a PC and don't have to learn all over how to use this **** Mac and the different software WHAT A FREAKIN PAIN  I am so frustrated I can't stand it 


    I called support and spent an hour trouble shooting one thing after the other before they said to reinstall my operating system. Tried doing that for four hours - it kept freezing and starting over - called support back and they said I needed to connect it to my modem with a cable - that the problem was that I was trying to do this with a wireless modem


    My original problem, which prompted Apple to tell me to reinstall my operating system, was that I couldn't print PDF files. I had just bought the Mac and was looking forward to a problem free computer life.  I was in Washington DC prepping the people who were speaking at a Congressional briefing that I was hosting,  and I needed to print out their statements after we revised them.  We needed their statements printed so they could read through the changes we made and make sure they were correct.  It was 10pm and we were all tired and the Mac would  not print.  We also needed to print out 20 final copies of the statements for the press packets.  THE FREAKIN MAC WOULDN'T PRINT PDFs.  Every time I tried to print the Mac would freeze with the spinning ball I left it alone thinking it would stop, eventually, but that spinning ball went on for hours. 


    What stress this created for me, and extra work - so much for a trouble free computer life!  We had to find someone with a memory stick that we could transfer the files to so we could run to Kinkos in the morning and get the statements printed out - then Kinkos screwed up the order.  THANKS APPLE. 


    The other day I was in my office and had some time to spare, and thought, ok, let me reinstall the operating system now that I can connect my Mac to the modem with a cable. Maybe, finally, this will fix all the problems I've been having with the **** Mac.  But unfortunately, we were in the middle of moving our office and our Operations Manager had taken the server to the new office because the computer and phone wiring was being done that day.  STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!  Still haven't been able to reinstall the operating system.


    But tonight the problem is that iCal still won't synch to my iPhone.  I tried what UvajeD suggested but when I go to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar and go to Calendars, there was no "synch" option under calendar.


    I tried doing what electriccowboy suggested but when I go to Help in iCal the only option it gives me is "Syncing calendars across multiple computers or devices" which is not the issue


    HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!  Can someone figure this out before I throw this **** Mac out the window?????

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