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If i turn off my phone (or select "on the fly" mode) and then turn it on, it seems that there is just 1 bar of signal power (even in a place where the signal is always full) and my provider's name dosn't appear.Then i try to make a call to a friend. The screen looks like that the phone is trying to call, but there is no sound and the timer doesn't start even if my friend takes the call. To my iphone nothing happens and my friend can't hear a thing (the line seems dead). When i try to end the call, the end call button looks like it is pressed, but the screen stacks there. I need to press the home button to go back. When my friend is calling me, my phone doesn't do anything, but he things that it is ringing. All this time the applications are working perfectly.

The problems is solved only with reset to factory default settings (not with hard reset). After that i can make and take calls, but only until the next time i restart or put my iphone on the fly mode, when the problem reapears. The phone is fully updated and NOT JAILBROKEN.

Any ideas????


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I have a couple questions?  iPhone 4 12 GB, do you mean 16GB?  Secondly, what iOS are you running?


    I ask since I had somewhat similar issues when I upgraded to iOS5.  After a couple complete powerdowns and start ups it seems to work, but not all the time.  I ended up restroing back to factory settings, like you, and everythnig works great now. 


    I am curious if it is the iOS5 update.

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    1.Yes i mean 16GB (sorry).

    2. iOS 5.0.1


    I have the phone for 11 months, but only the last few days the problem appeared.

    I really don't know if the problem is related to iOS 5.0.1 update.

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    im in the same boat i have an iphone4 got a factory apple unlock done only 2 weeks ago via apple everything was fine running on 5.0. i then updated to 5.0.1 only 2 days ago and now cant make calls or recieve any calls ... sms/txt works perfectly and so does everything else but what good is a phone when you cant make calls or recieve them ... to be quiet honest this is not acceptable at all from a company of such size to expect you to pay 30 euros just for a phone call to tell you they dont know what the problem is ..its clearly a problem with the new update as others are now having the same problem after updating to 5.1,i use this phone for business and at the moment have a loss of earnings over this issue .. i really dont understand why they mess up so much for a company of there size... im thinking of getting an android as they seem to be more or less trouble free .. its a bloody disgrace for the price of there products in my opinion...i really feel like hacking there servers and shutting there business down for a day or 2 and see how they like it ..the only thing is ill have to learn how to do it first so you could be all waiting awhile for that to happen .. but i do know a guy that can and probably would do it for the price of a few pints

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    2 days ago i took a full backup of my iphone and re-installed iOS 5.0.1. Since then, everything seems to work fine, but i don't know yet if this is permanent or temporary.

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    I ended up having to do it several times (restore), it allows me to make one call out after i complete a restore and then stops working funny thing is i have full carrier signal and i can still text and use internet via my network carrier and everything else works fine so i have a snazzy iphone4 or should i say ipod that can send texts only  !!




    ...iv just got a call back for apple again since posting to this forum and they have been so kind to look after me with a replacement handset via there warranty programme so happy out but i still end up loosing money as its used for business in the mean time,i really feel sorry for anyone outside the warranty

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    me too, i got my iphone 4s 2 or 3 months ago and i start facing the same problem couple of days. really it is unexpected problem from a huge company like apple and we need to find a solution as soon as possible.


    i tried several times to restore my iphone but i ended up with the same result, only one phone call after restore then i can't make or receive any calls


    WHAT IS APPLE ANSWER FOR THIS ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i'm using iphone 4s 16G iOS 5.0.1

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    Apple didn't gave me any answer, but the problem seems to be fixed after updating to iOS 5.1.

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    i tried several times to reset the network setting from Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network setting. Also, i switched the cellular data off then, i restared the iphone and every thing back to normal.


    thx for your co-operation.