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I keep getting error "Charging is not supported with this accessory" ever since the last update. I only get this message when iphone is locked and not plugged in to anything. When phone is locked the message keeps popping up every few seconds, consiquently I'm having to charge at least twice a day!

  • Error only occurs when not plugged in & iphone locked & doesn't make any difference if wifi on or off
  • Connectors have been cleaned
  • iphone has been restored
  • iphone has been re-booted

Nothing seems to work and after researching, all similar posts seem to be pertaining to actually plugging in to something and the fix was "clean connector" this is not my problem, error only happens if not plugged in. I'm assuming it's a bug from the last update but my girlfriends iphone is fine.


Would someone please help as the drain on my phone is rediculous now, it wasn't that good to start with but now the phone is pretty useless unless I'm near a plug! It's also very annoying having the screen constantly coming to life with this error message, especially at night.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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