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How do I unsubscribe from Itunes Match.  It is not for me.  Will I get a refund if I cancel after about a week?

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    I cannot say for sure but I would be truly surprised if you got a refund.  What would stop people from matching their dubious collection of 24,999 tracks, getting the upgrades, then getting a refund so it was all for free?

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    If you click on itunes match in the itunes store I believe you can cancel the subscription auto-renewal. As far as getting a refund you have to email apple, I'm still waiting on my reply but from what I saw the best way to get a refund is to state the advertising misled you that it would be "streaming" music when in fact that is not what it does.

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    I purchased iTunes Match and it buggered up my systm and at least one audio file became corrupt as a result.  What a POS program this is, and while I like the idea, it feels like it is definitely NOT ready for prime time.  How exactly do you get a refund from Apple?  Trying to figure out how to do that is fast becoming an annoyance to me.  Should I just file a complaint with my credit card company and let them work it out?

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    Has anybody had any luck getting a refund? Apple is so far refusing to give me a refund based on it being an iTunes purchase, which seems totally wrong since iTunes Match is a new subscription service provided by Apple and not a typical song, movie, or book purchase. The fact of the matter is that it's a subscription based service that DOES NOT WORK. I don't want to wait for Apple to fix it and I hate that I had to turn it off and spend hours wiping and rebuilding my iOS device music library.


    Any assistance with getting a refund would be much appreciated.

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    I threatened "support" with legal action as they were selling a program that wasn't working.  24 hours later I got an email from a senior support member offering a refund, however she noted that if you receive a refund you couldn't re-subscribe to the service until 12 months after the refund date.

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    After six days I finally got a response from one of Apple's "Senior iTunes Store Support Advisors" and she claimed to have talked to engineering and that now she can providede me a refund (in 5 to 7 days). Nothing about unable to resubscribe for 12 months but I probably won't anyways. It'll take Apple a while to sort this one out and in the meantime I'll use Google Music to stream my whole catalogue from the "cloud". Keep the pressure up, Apple needs to go back to the drawing board on this service and their customers should not have to pay for Apple's faulty product release.

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    How to cancel Auto-Renewal of iTunes Match.


    1. Open iTunes.

    2. Go to 'iTunes Store' in the sidebar.

    3. Click on the arrow right next to email address/sign-in name in top right.

    4. Select 'Account'.

    5. Find 'iTunes in the Cloud' section and then 'iTunes Match' subsection.

    6. Select 'Turn Off Auto-Renew'.

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    I had an email saying my auto renew was going to happen on 12/17/12, but yesterday (the 16th) I turned off auto renew only to find out I was billed an hour prior to my cancellation. Is there anyway apple will reverse/refund my pending transaction? I cancelled the service less than an hour from when I was unknowingly and misleadingly charged.

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    Lucky you. I never got an email, just noticed the 'congratulations' email. Match was(is) pretty much a useless product. I just figured i'ld try it out.... other then robbing cpu cycles, never could figure out what it's doing. Other than keeping track of my Amazon purchases, that is. The first $25, ehh... the second $25 just ****** me off. How do I get a refund? Already reported a problem in the store and erased my credit card info, and did the do not renew thing... Anybody ever get a refund from this place?