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How do you redeem an app gift directly in the iPhone? There is simply no redeem code in the mail sent (neither on a computer nor in the iPhone), I've tried to gift the app three times now. If you tap the Redeem Now button it just switches to App Store, not to the particular app or anything. And when tapping Reedem in App Store you have to enter a code. There is no code.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    I have the same question about gift app in different devices. The e-mail of gift notification didn't show any graph of code when I open it three month later but has a redeem code says it's been used already.

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    i had the same problem could not find a solution on line but eventually worked it out myself

    use your fone to check emails, open email about app gift, then click on the 'redeem now' link on your fone it will take you to the app store and load a page where you will have to sign in using you apple id. the rest is farly simple from there


    hope that helps

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    I did all of this and at the end got a pop-up that said the code was already used. Almost like there was a glitch and the code was processed before I signed in, and then once I signed in, the code was no longer valid.


    All I want is to iFish.

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    Okay, I fixed it. Just open iTunes on the computer you sync your phone to. It will download the app and then sync it to your phone automatically.

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    OK, thanks. But rather weak in my opinion, though (the functionality, not the answer). It seems redeeming directly in iPhone would be the most basic function you can ever think of, but apparently it is not possible... In that case it should not be possible to gift apps from iPhone either, to avoid misunderstandings.


    By the way, didn't Apple make a point when releasing iOS 5 that you did not need to have a computer at all to have an iPhone? One could think that all functions should be possible to use anyway.

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    Sign out in App Store, go back to the email, click "redeem now" again and it will ask you for your username and password - after that downloading will start!

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    This was fixed in one of the updates during last year. There is a Redeem button in App Store now. I assume it works, haven't tried.