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Hi everyone,


I've seen a few threads regarding the Magic Trackpad crashing Lion (full crash, needing to hold down the power button), but I've not come accross any solutions yet -- is this still unaddressed and in the works?

By the way, this is on a Mac Mini core 2 duo, 2ghz, 4gb ram (almost forgot to mention the system!) 


Watching the OS and the Magic Trackpad, what seems to be happening is that the trackpad connects, disconnects, does this a few times...and then the OS crashes.


One thread suggested to remove the trackpad from the Bluetooth devices menu, and then delete the bluetooth plist files from Library --> Application Support. I did indeed try this, but upon trying again...no luck -- still got the crash as soon as I tried to pair it again.


If the trackpad's batteries are removed & remains so, the OS runs fine.


Any solutions here yet? I'm running 10.7.2, so I should be all up to date as far as the OS patches.


Thank you!



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2), c2d 2.0ghz 4gb ram
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    Just to let you know it's not just you. I have EXACTLY the same issue as you have described, and it only started yesterday.


    Late 2010 Macbook air, running 10.7.2





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    It is good to hear I am not alone. :-)

    I am guessing this problem will be higher up on their priority list, since it involves their own hardware and sales. my only concern would be that it was caused by a snow leopard upgrade, and thus they might not be as able to nail down the exact issue. here is hoping for the best, as I would really love to be able to use the trackpad and all the gestures and such. I am just thankful I have another pointing device to use in the meantime!

    Any way to open an official trouble ticket with Apple?

    Anyone else out there having this issue as well?

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    I have exactly the same issue. I have a late 2010 MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and Lion 10.7.2. With gentle startup, leaving the OS to run for a bit before putting the batteries in the Trackpad I can get it to work and it will do so for a few weeks. However, if I walk in to another room with my macbook and then come back to my desk later, when the trackpad tries to connect it will invariably freeze the OS. Once in a while it will crash the computer completely and keep doing so until I spend half an hour carefully pairing it again. I'm mindful this is possibly doing some harm to my computer - sound has just joined in the symptoms - can anyone comment on that?

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    Have you tried disabling Bluetooth Services then reboot without it running then re-start it and let it find the Trackpad?

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    I have not yet tried that exact process: disabling Bluetooth, rebooting without it, and then restarting it… I will try that shortly. :-)

    Thank you for the responses, everyone. To the others are having the exact same issue as myself, please try what Mobile Blues  suggested… And maybe we can all collaborate and report back here; would be great to come to a collective answer for this issue!


    I'll hopefully be reporting back soon. :-)


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    Yes I have. By "carefully pairing it again", this is what I meant. It is NOT a permanent fix.