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Not much on the net about this problem.


Using apples "Remote" IOS app on my iphone 4s and ipad2 to control my itunes library running on win 7 (itunes version


Both devices have the same problem: not all my artists are showing in the artists section of the remote app.


itunes says i have 1043 artists, but the remote app says i have 1008 artists, so remote is missing 35 artists.

both itunes and remote say i have 10407 songs.  ???


as an example, the artist Nat King Cole is clearly missing from remote

I can see nothing "different" about the songs by this artist in itunes than any other.


This means i can only find some artists by searching for them, rather than browsing through them all in the normal view.


The same artists are missing from both devices.


i have tried turning off remote in itunes, and reinstalling the app.



any help with this frustrating problem would be appreciated

itunes / ipad2 / iphone 4s / remote, iOS 5