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Serial # is W8746CVEZ63


Upgraded from the 1 gig they give you to 4 gigs of pc2 - 5300, looking up my serial it says it's compatible up to 4 gigs. The ram in PNY that is Mac compatible and double checked all, there shouldn't be any issue.


When I boot up nothing happens, just the power light indicator turns on, no screen, no boot sound.


When I replaced with the original ram, it works.


On a regular PC I would normally just reset the cmos and all should normally work, but I don't know how to do so on a mac.


Any way to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


If you read the documentation on my serial number, this should all work fine.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    RAM installation is tricky on any machine.  Push "not enough to break it" and it does not work.  Push "what *MUST* be too hard and it works.


    Try again on install.


    Also, where did you buy it and who said it was compatible?  Macs are cranky about the memory DIMM features (buffers, read-delays, etc).


    macsales.com recommends memory that is tested to be compatible with your year/model.


    I will stop and you can answer thse questions.

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    The ram is PNY DDR2 PC2 - 5300


    It's DUAL CHANNEL memory.


    The specs are exactly the same as the ram what works, except that these are 2x 2gig sticks and the ram that was in there was 2x 512mb also there is a big mac logo at the bottom of the packaging stating it's mac compatible. I'll try to take 'em out and retry 'em, but is there a way to reset the cmos or the "efi" as logic boards have?

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    See this Apple note: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2341?viewlocale=en_US . It says if the memory doesn't meet specs or is damaged, it will just blink the light and not start up.


    I recommend Crucial memory, which I've used for years on many systems with no issues. Samsung (factory fill) and OWC-branded memory, both available from OWC, also works well in macs.

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    There are SMC and PRAM resets, but I am not familiar enough with the EFI-relationship with those resets.  And any "hardware resets" just for incompatible memory is not something I would do.


    I am still a fan of returing the PNY and going to macsales.com for OWC, or go to crucial.com.  Both will guide you to the tested-and-correct memory for your model/year, and it is very very very hard to find find detractors of those two websites in thsi forum.  PNY will gather more "polite detractors".


    BGreg types faster than I do ... but ducks also type faster than I do.

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    Not getting any of these error codes. Blank (black not turned on) screen and solid LED power light. I've tried even using just 1 stick. Is there a BIOS/CMOS battery on the logic board that I can pop off and clear it? I don't mind popping it open, store is closed now to return it, so I have nothing but time. Tested the sticks in a PC and they work and read just fine. Before I get at the tedious task of taking this thing apart, is there a removable battery on the logic board?

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    Macs are pickier about memory than PCs.


    Taking it apart to get at EFI is not advised, even if your machine is out of warranty.


    I hate to sound like a broken records, but ... take back the PNY and buy crucial or OWC.

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    Just took it apart, found no battery or reset jumper on the upside of the board. Debating on checking the underside, may need a redbull and some solo cups for all of these **** screws! If no battery, or if my silly idea doesn't work, then I guess we're going to buy the Crucial ram lol. I have this old macbook, wanted to give it to my 10 year old, so I threw a SSD in it and some ram figuring it would be a quick no brainer and if she broke it, then no big loss and because its a hard plastic tank I figure it'd be a perfect first laptop. This turned out to be much more work than anticipated. I bought this ram over the crucial because it has a big mac logo on the bottom saying it's compatible, the crucial didn't. I'd assume that Apple gave PNY permission to use their logo on thier product becuase it actually works with their products, I thought wrong.


    Thanks for your help Steve359! Looks like we're buying Crucial tomorrow.


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    We are here to serve ...

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    booted up with old ram, updated the EFI, insterted new ram, works perfect!!!!

    Just assumed they updated the EFI with a regular mac update.





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