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Hi everyone,


This is my first time using a Pro Application and, sufficed to say, I am very impressed with Motion. One sticking point though: I was rummaging through the menu options to find some command when I came across the "Download Additional Content" option. I decided to get all I could and downloaded the Motion e Content 'Update' (view Support Article). Software Update did its thing and then a window popped up with a message, telling me to restart Motion to get the new content. I dutifully did so and continued about my work.


At some point, I needed to use the Particle Emitter library. I click Library > Particle Emitters and, lo and behold, 0 items were found! Odd, as I was using these exact emitters before the update. I can confirm they are non-existent as I have another Mac with no supplemental content installed and Motion reports 203 items available for use.


Is there an error in Motion that is causing it not find the emitters or did the Supplemental Content really delete the emitters (and Replicators too!)?


Many thanks,




Note: running Motion 5.0.1