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Is this yet another iPhone dead end??


I used the Voice Memo app that comes with the iPhone to record some rehearsals and now I want to move them to my Mac, edit them, make CDs, share online.


I can't find any way to get them off the iPhone, unless I click the "Share" button, which means I can email them. But, it won't let me email the longer ones. I don't know how large the files are, but it just won't do it. I don't see any other facility for moving these files to my Mac. What is up with that???? iTunes provides no access to these files.


Is there some proprietary utility for the Mac that will allow me to access these files and move them to my Mac??? It would be nice if the iPhone would show up as a mounted volume which I could then browse for files, but that would make too much sense and be contrary to the control freak nature of Apple and it's iPhones/iPod Touches. I would call it another lousy user experience, but it's just a user non-experience, a complete dead end.


Is there any way to get these Voice Memo files off of the iPhone besides emailing them??

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Scroll to the part about synchronizing.

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    Thank you for replying!


    That kb article refers to the iPod Nano and not the iPhone nor the iPod Touch.


    The Synchronizing section you pointed to does not work. I have a big bunch of voice memos on the iPhone. I tried the sync. Three of them were moved to the Mac, the rest were ignored. Four others were moved to iTunes Music/Music/Unknown with numbered names (i had given several of the voice memos names with the Custom label on the iPhone). For the synch I selected "Include voice memos."


    After a sync, or several syncs, none of the other voice memos were moved to the Voice Memo playlist, nor are they in the iTunes Music library.


    How do you get them to sync? I need to move them off of the iPhone and onto my Mac!

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    Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue.

    I can't seem to figure out how to download my voice memos into my iTunes.

    Thanks for repyling if you discovered  how.

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    Hi Mr. Jingle,


    Plug your phone to your computer and use a program called iExplorer to browse through your iPhone files.


    Once you have the program, launch it, click the arrow next to your iPhone and find the Media folder. Then scroll down to the Recordings file, and your Voice Memos will be there. You can copy each file onto the desktop, which can then be imported into iTunes by dragging them into Music.